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Top 10 Photography Tools for Travel Writers & Enthusiasts

By Deborah Mendez

Over recent years, the way travel writers and enthusiasts have sourced and edited photographs has rapidly developed. There has been an increase in photography applications, with a large number of companies creating their own free or paid applications all with different characteristics and features.

This increase has also occurred with copyright free libraries and websites to source incredible high definition photos. Many professional photographers upload images to these libraries for writers to use. The high volume of photography applications and libraries can make it difficult to find the best ones to use.

To help put you on the right track, here are the top 10 best photography applications and libraries for travel writers and enthusiasts:



Snapseed is a photography application and editing platform, which is ideal for quick edits on the go. Snapseed is easy to use to edit and create powerful photographs as images can be opened in-app and users can fine tune the basic image components (contrast, brightness, ambiance, structure and sharpness).



USCO is a photography application for professionals and bloggers, which has a high-end and detailed editing platform. The application has manual and filtered controls with the ability to take pictures within the application. You can also share photos on its own social network, along with other photographers and application users.


Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a professional creative suite made by the software giant in an application form. The application contains all the original programme’s favourite features, including a broad range of controls to tone and edit photographs. Adjust everything from exposure to contrast, temperature, clarity and more. Lightroom also allows users to create their own filters, slideshows and photo albums.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-10.23.51-AM-1024x626


The Instagram application is more than just a social media network. It’s a community of creatives, photographers and everyone in between sharing their perspectives from all around the world. The application has improved and progressed its editing features over recent updates, Instagram now contains filters and manually controlled editing features. In order to reuse images from Instagram, they need to be from official businesses, etc. Otherwise, contact the author to ask permission.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-10.35.30-AM


The photography library of Unsplash is an extensive collection of landscape and high-resolution photographs with free sourced and copyright free images. Unsplash uploads 10 new photographs every 10 days.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-10.53.15-AM-1024x579


The Pixabay library is a web designer’s dream with easy to navigate search features and easily downloadable pictures in a range of sizes. Pixabay contains a large variety of free sourced images available to download at the touch of a button. These high-resolution images are perfect for travel writers and photographers searching for high-quality and attractive imagery.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-11.05.38-AM


Picjumbo is an easy to use photography library, with high-resolution images. Picjumbo’s library contains mainly food images, which are perfect for food or cuisine travel bloggers or professionals. All of the free stock images on this site are eligible for reuse.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-10.57.51-AM-1024x554


The MorgueFile photograph library has the simplest layout of all the photography libraries in this list. MorgueFile has a small selection of images but within a wide range of subjects available for creatives to reuse in both professional and personal work. This library contains everything from wildlife images to antiques and landscape images.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-11.13.35-AM


FreeImages is an exhaustive directory of images available for writers to use. This open sourced library contains thousands of pictures from a diverse range of categories. FreeImages has a searchable directory which can be a big timesaver for writers to easily find unwatermarked images available for creative reuse.Screen-Shot-2017-10-11-at-11.32.39-AM


This is an extensive photo library with images eligible for public and creative reuse. With high-resolution on a plethora of subject, images are readily available to download directly. Users can also upload their own photo to share with other creative professionals.Screen-Shot-2017-10-18-at-12.12.55-PM

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