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This is how we help you achieve your SEO goals

By Deborah Mendez

There are infinite possibilities for improving search engine positioning. Nowadays, you’ll find multiple trends, concepts, tools, algorithms, you name it.

But there is, however, a bedrock principle: having a good SEO is crucial for a successful business. Let us tell you why arrivedo can become your best ally.


We have the ultimate content creators

Our writers are a fundamental piece in our content creation service. In six years, we have worked with over 800 specialized writers in copywriting and SEO, from 250 different cities. 

Depending on the needs of every project, we select our writers according to their technical skills and profile. Many of them have written for media companies such as Lonely Planet, BBC and Skyscanner, as well as for clients such as Marriott, Belmond and Hilton. 

We specialize ourselves in finding a writer that will suit your company’s needs. For example, if you are in the educational industry, we’ll provide you with someone experienced in this particular area. If you work in the travel industry, we’ll find someone with skills that are relevant to this field. 


How do we create your content?

The basics for getting well positioned in Google are the inclusion of relevant content in your web page and meeting SEO parameters. This means that your web page allows its users to satisfy their needs in a rapid and straightforward manner. Hence, in Arrivedo we have developed the following steps to create effective content: 


1. In-depth interviews with the client

We do these to really get to know your company’s objectives, to define the writing tone and style, and to design a content production strategy.


2. Developing a brief and a content matrix

These will be the results of the in-depth interview. They are presented in a document that includes the objectives of the content creation process, a research guideline, and keywords.


3. Content table

It is important for us that you are aware of all the contents that are being created and choose when they can be published. With this monthly content plan, you’ll have full control and you’ll be able to approve digital content before its even produced. 


4. Content delivery

This is the moment when you’ll get to see the contents that we have made for you! At this point, you’ll receive our signature product: an excellent text with a personalized interactive map and high quality images. You’ll get a feedback session in order to make any modifications you consider necessary. 

Technology + creativity = Arrivedo Content

Our success in content production stems from the combination of technical tools (such as the interactive map) with an attractive and reader-friendly text. When PromPerú implemented Arrivedo’s technology, the results spoke for themselves: The time spent at pages improved by over 59%, while the bounce rate was reduced by 40%. You can see the full report here (1)


In our team, you’ll find digital marketing experts and proficient website developers. We know exactly which kind of keywords will give you instant results, as well as how to integrate written text with interactive maps in every kind of digital product. 

Consider this: if you’re reading about the world-wide spread of pandemics while visualizing an interactive map that shows you the geographical points you are reading about, then there’s no way you’ll leave that page. ¡This is a true conversion opportunity!


Our clients

Let us tell you a bit about our clients experiences with us.

Mitsubishi is currently publishing their ambassadors’ trips in their blogs. With this, they generate client loyalty and obtain leads on potential buyers. 


Venturia, a high-end tourism agency, showcases their tours using our technology. This is a perfect example to show how images, texts and interactive maps can come together into high value digital content. The final result: a better position in search engines. 


If you need to know how to implement an appropriate content strategy in your company through interactive technology, in a few weeks we will help you. Check out this demo video of how we are helping other businesses like yours, here.

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