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Quick Guide to Increasing Your Content View Rates

By Deborah Mendez

Everyone and anyone seems to be selling an idea of how to increase views on new and existing content, many people believe there is a secret formula to create popular content online, but in reality, there isn’t. However, there is a way to create content with a buzz and high visitor numbers. By following a few steps, you can make your content stand out and increase readability.

Over the last 10 years, the world has become more digital, with fewer boundaries as to how people interact and view content. The internet is everywhere, on phones, laptops, and tablets. The internet is now mobile which in turn makes content mobile.

To get content to succeed you have to deliver the content at a time when a reader or consumers wants to read it and how they want to read it. This sometimes takes a little luck but you can improve your odds by creating content following the guidelines in this article. As you will see, the following small changes and additions to content will help play a part in increasing viewer rates on new and old content.


Adjust & Edit Old Content

Blogs and websites are often filled with content on a variety of different subjects or topics, being produced over a number of months or years and hosting over 100 or even 1,000 articles. While it is impossible to gain high view rates on every article, you can increase the odds by updating articles frequently.

A recent survey suggested that only 55% of bloggers frequently update old articles but of this percentage 74% of those who do update gain higher viewer rates after the update. An update can be something as little as providing up to date information, prices, etc. Google also prefers to show new content before old content, as the new content is more likely to be up to date than old content.

Before Uploading Content Pay Attention to These Things

By doing a few simple steps before publishing your post can help you to gain a higher view rate. Long posts tend to generate 9x more views than old content. For instance, articles over 1,000 words are often more in-depth and of a higher quality than shorter posts.

A headline can make or break content. Content with a catchy or enticing headline can draw people to an article and make users click through to read it. Before uploading each piece of content, think of between five to 10 possible headlines and identify which one you would be more likely to click through to. The same as with headlines, background colors, and photograph quality can affect a posts performance.

Utilize Social Media

Social Media is a tool which can be utilized to drive viewers to both old and new content. It is said that as little as six hours a week planning and posting on social media can drive over 81% more traffic to a blog or webpage than without it.

Blogging leads to a generation and information but social media creates a relationship with users and followers, which make them more likely to engage with content and follow links back to old content frequently. The top five social media platforms for users to engage with their audience are LinkedIn (82%), Twitter (66%), YouTube (64%), Facebook (41%) and Slideshare (38%).Screen-Shot-2018-11-02-at-11.44.28-AM

Video Content

Video content is an excellent way to increase viewer numbers, by providing relevance, value, and flexibility, as well as humanizing a brand and showcasing the real person behind the brand or product. It is claimed that by 2019 views will make up 80% of web traffic, 59% of people would rather watch a video than read a blog post. James McQuivey believes that a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion and viewer rates by 80%, as well as being used in marketing emails, which can increase click-through rates between 200-300%. Videos can also make people remember information, a post, or product more easily.

Think about this: 80% of customers remember the videos they watched within the last month. Video content can also boost a site’s SEO, by influencing click-throughs and viewers to other content. Video content is 92% of people’s shared content with other people and videos are shared 1,200% more than links and text. 60% of people would engage with a video before they would with text.Screen-Shot-2018-11-02-at-11.52.11-AM

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