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PromPerú increases 60% browsing time in 30 days using Arrivedo technology

By Alonso Franco

Improving retention rates on a website is always a challenge. An adequate combination of quality content and interactivity is needed to generate engagement in web visitors. Not many companies manage to generate such a mix; coordination between marketing, content, and technology teams is essential.

On this occasion, we want to tell you about how we improved the results of our client, PromPerú, through our solutions that included both technology and content. For us, this is a great example of how teamwork between different areas and Arrivedo has a great impact on results and in a short period of time.


Our customer:

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism - PromPerú is a technical body specialized in legal status under domestic public law that enjoys its own autonomy. It is attached to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru.

Among its duties are the formulation, approval, implementation, and evaluation of strategies and plans for the promotion of both exports and domestic tourism (that which encourages Peruvians to visit their own attractions) and receptive tourism (foreigners visiting the country). They promote and disseminate Peru's image in terms of tourism and exports, in accordance with the policy and strategy of the Peruvian State.

In order to promote tourism in the country, PromPerú manages 3 websites:

-YtuQueplanes: Totally focused on domestic tourism, it provides information related to products, services, and promotions that can be offered by different companies in the tourism sector in all regions. This through interactive articles with the best routes that can be done in each destination. More thought on foreign tourism (receptive). It shows and promotes the main destinations in Peru based on criteria such as type of landscapes (desert, mountain, beach, etc), or preferences (adventure, gastronomy, cultural, etc). It also shows news and relevant information for the traveler.

-TurismoIn: More informative and academic kind. It provides market studies and statistical information related to tourism: national/international markets, traveler profiles, among others. Useful for companies in the tourism field to obtain reference information.

On this occasion, we will focus on the Ytuqueplanes portal, specifically on the Short Routes section. This guide is, according to the portal, "the first step to explore and learn a little more about what makes us Peruvians". Indeed, it has been designed so that the tourist can, on each route, find the main attractions to which they can access his visit, with specific information about the destination and what they will discover along the way.

The Ytuqueplanes website has traffic of approximately 629 thousand visits per month, with peaks that reach over a million visits in July (National Holidays) and November (long holiday for All Saints' Day). The Short Routes portal, where this pilot was started, has an average of 26 thousand visits per month.


The Challenge:

Before the implementation, Ytuqueplanes had information about 6 destinations. All of them with approximately 9 - 10 short routes each. Each short route contains very detailed information about tourist attractions that can be visited around a place. However, the display of the content had some deficiencies that generated little retention on the visiting tourist:

  • Landing pages that didn't allow you to see all the short routes at once.
  • Information was available but manually, through a PDF file download, which decreased the time spent on the website.
  • Because the information is flat, it is not interactive, so reading a PDF could be boring for the user and he could end up leaving the portal earlier than planned.

For example, in the case of Arequipa, it has 9 short routes, which refer to specific cities. As you can see, at first glance you can only see the first 3 short routes, and to access the others you need to click more. To access the last short route, 2 more clicks are necessary, so they would be easily forgotten.



When entering the individual page of the route, the interface is not very interactive, and to obtain more detail, it is necessary to download a PDF, which removes the user from the navigation of the website.


Therefore, a good opportunity was identified to apply Arrivedo technology in the portal. An interactive map fits perfectly for the following reasons:

  • Tourist attractions are shown around a specific city, so a map allows us to visualize them in an educational way.
  • There is content that explains each attraction in detail, a map allows us to associate the content to the place dynamically.
  • Some short routes can be done by car, so an interactive route-type map allows us to know the way to follow as you read the article.


The Solution:

Arrivedo identified the opportunities to improve the Short Routes website, so Arrivedo was reached, and after some meetings, a comprehensive solution was agreed upon which consists of 2 main parts:


1. Content Generation:

This time, the content already existed and was in the list of PDF files that were stored in each destination, so it was not necessary to collect information through our writers. However, it was still required transcription of the content to Arrivedo's Content Management System (CMS), which was quickly done with our community of writers.

Also, in addition to passing the content to the platform, adaptations and improvements were made to the edition so that it can be easily read along with the interactive map. This was done by specialized editors that we also have in our community.


2. Technology implementation:

A customized solution was implemented, which not only covered access to our API / SDK solution but also support and customized implementation, through the following activities:

  • Access to the Arrivedo API to obtain information about destinations and short routes.
  • Generate destination web pages and short routes with Arrivedo's recommended standard.
  • Customization of certain features, such as the section of Useful Data and PDF download section.
  • Generation of source code that was shared with the Digital Agency in charge of this, on this case, the designated agency was Havas.
  • Support and coordinate with the digital agency and the IT team of Promperú.
  • Progressive performance improvements on the website performance.


The Final Product:

The Arrivedo solution went into production on January 23rd, 2020. As it was a pilot test, to verify that it complies to improve the engagement, the following considerations were taken into account:


Evaluation period:

We analyzed data 30 days before the launch of Arrivedo vs data of 30 days after the launch.

Reviewed pages:

  • Short route main page (/home-short route).
  • Old destination pages (/home-short routes/detail- short route).
  • New destination pages (/home-short routes/listed routes)
  • New article pages (/home- short routes--listed-routes/detail-short route).

Metrics to be evaluated:

  • Average time on page (Avg. Time on Page).
  • Bounce Rate.
  • Average Session Time (Avg. Session Time).
  • Evolutionary Events (useful data, PDF downloads, offers, etc).


The solution was delivered on January 23, 2020, after coordination with Promperu's Technology teams and Havas agency, who helped us a lot in this process. The main changes made to the platform were:

  • Destination Guides included:
    Where the total of routes by each destination is shown, accompanied by an interactive map with the main points of each route. The routes are shown in special cards, with a title, an image that draws attention, and the number of tourist places mentioned within each route.


  • Routes with Interactive Maps:

    This part shows the content of the route that was previously in a PDF format, edited and ready to be integrated with the dynamic map. As you read the content, the map moves to the selected location, and if you want to see more detail, just click on the location (both in the text and on the map) to get more detail (provided by Foursquare).


  • Useful Data Option:

    Along with the PromPerú Development team, a special section was created where useful data about the route can be reviewed, for example ways to get there, climate, and distance. It is a view that can be enabled depending on the user and can be hidden to continue reading the article.


  • Links to Special Offers and Deals:
    Another option created in conjunction with the PromPerú team is the generation of deals and discounts related to the route. These are found at the end of the reading of the article and motivate the user to review options for the purchase of tourist packages.


As a final result, we achieved a more interactive interface that allows the user to easily explore destinations offered by PromPerú to encourage domestic tourism, as can be seen in this animation:




The results:


We evaluated the new website interface after a month of evaluation so we can review the first results. Since it is not a platform that generates direct sales (the Tourism Offices only encourage travel, but do not directly offer travel packages), the objectives were mainly focused on user engagement and retention. These metrics translate into average times (page and session), bounce, and exit percentages.

The results below show an improvement in the performance of these indicators:

(Time on page improved: +59%) (Session time: +10%) (Bounce Rate: -40%) (Exit Rate: -28%)


Although at a quantitative level there were good results, at a qualitative level there was also a perception of improvement, both by internal users of Promperu and users in general. Below are some comments received by the teams involved:

Thanks to the results of this pilot program, it is planned to increase the number of destinations using Arrivedo technology, which is expected to increase the retention and interactivity of users in the website and also opens the door to implement the same technology in the other portals managed by this institution, such as

At Arrivedo, we believe that it is important to integrate maps with content that allow you to generate and increase the dynamics and engagement of your users. Our content solutions allow us to integrate with any web page through our API and SDK. In addition, we provide easily integrated White Label solutions in case you don't have a development team. Do you want to see a free demo? You can do it, here.

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