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Personalized Travel Experiences With Interactive Map Tech Made Easy Through Arrivedo SDK, CMS & API

By Alonso Franco

If you run a travel or transportation-related business or wish to localize your client-experience, you would have understood by now that your customer’s journey begins much before the actual trip. You will need bespoke tools to be in the minds and browsing preferences of your consumers before, during and after your transaction with them.

For example, if you run day-tours in a city, when potential customers consider your tour offerings, engage them with an interactive map to help them visualize the route which will be followed. Such personalized experiences require technology customization, specialized CMS, a responsive API and SDK that smoothly integrates sophisticated features into your existing website. Arrivedo provides you all this and more.


A Specialized Travel Publishing Platform & CMS

Arrivedo is an end-to-end travel publishing platform that helps travel players, like you, re-create experiences with the use of route interfaces. We facilitate our customers’ access to our CMS (Content Management System), API (Application Program Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) to easily build websites or apps for the travel industry.

In fact, our content platform is specialized in geolocalization and stories. We make it possible for the viewers of your content to see a dynamic map as they read through your travel-related offerings and stories. We are equipped to handle both map and place components which make it possible to design user-friendly routes. Also, our CMS not only stores the content created but also allows you to organize, update and modify your content anytime you want. This ease-of-access comes without having to engage any IT personnel.



Device-Friendly API for Desktops, Mobiles & More

Our API is ready to serve your content on any type of device that you wish. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, cell phone, tab or some other screen type, you can display your engaging content with our cutting-edge routes anywhere you like, including websites and mobile apps.

To make this easier, we have standard REST (Representational State Transfer) endpoints that your developers will already be familiar with.

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Dependency-Free SDK Requiring Minimal Coding

Our SDK is dependency-free. We have a vanilla JavaScript library that helps you fetch, format and display preformatted HTML with your content, using very few lines of code. For map capabilities, we use Mapbox (, and we load it asynchronously when you use the map methods in the SDK. So, you don’t have to manually include any Mapbox asset (js and css files) in your code.

You can display article lists, full articles and maps with the places and routes mentioned. We have predefined mobile-friendly styles that you can extend. This way, you concentrate on styling rather than building. Take a look at for a live example.  


Synced Scroll & Other Features of Arrivedo SDK

 Our Software Development Kit offers you a host of benefits, such as the ability to: 

  • Display any Article in our JSON format. This is possible even if you perform API calls in your own server
  • Display a map with a set of numbered destination-points contained within an article
  • Display a map with a route inside an article
  • Display a list of articles using predefined markup and styles
  • Synchronize the scroll of the article with the view inside the map, so your users always see the places they are reading about
  • Perform API calls to obtain article lists, articles, and its associated places, right in the browser (if you can’t perform these in your backend).

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 3.48.42 PM

How to Use Our API, SDK & Map Shortcuts by Mapbox

To use our API, you would just need your Arrivedo Public API Key. Our SDK is also very easy to use. For instance, to get your article list or create a map with article places in it, you just need a single line of code. We have already done all the major coding for you. If you choose to use our map shortcuts, you would only need a Mapbox Access Token that you can obtain here:

Mapbox provides the code that creates the maps which you see alongside the content. It is free to use up to 50,000 visits. If you need more capability, you can consult their pricing here:

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 3.49.34 PM

To summarize, our Software Development Kit will allow you to easily create and also maintain a view for your full destination guides and individual articles.

  • For entire destination guides, please see this link for an example.
  • For individual articles, please see this link for an example.

Through our SDK, these views will be easily customizable. You will be able to recreate the styles you need to match your brand guidelines and suit your web projects. 

Want to boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey? Arrivedo offers route technology and travel content solutions, get a personalized FREE demo, here. Feel free to watch a FREE demo here.New call-to-action

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