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Pariwana Hotel In Lima Increased The Time Spent On Its Website By 144% With Arrivedo's Routes Technology

By Jesús Ramos

If you’re a travel player that interacts with passengers in-destination, this case study will help you understand how Arrivedo’s technology and curated content can help you deliver a better online guest experience by sending customized destination guides to guests at the moment of arrival to their destination, while building a virtuous cycle that positively impacts your SEO rank.


The Situation: 

Pariwana is a hotel chain for modern travelers in Latin America, created in 2008 and operating in Lima, Cusco, and Santiago de Chile. 

As Fernando Razzeto, CEO of Pariwana Hotels described it: 

“Pariwana is a brand that operates under high standards. One of the hospitality pillars that differentiate us is the experience we thrive to deliver to guests. We have heard hoteliers claim they “don’t sell beds, they sell experiences”, but we always wonder what that really means, and how we could actually deliver such a promise. We take action on this front by committing ourselves to delighting travelers with a local flavor”.

Originally, Pariwana provided guests with a printed map at the moment of check-in. They have recently upgraded their website technology to include this content via Arrivedo’s White Label solution within their website.

Pariwana’s challenge was that not all guests had access to the customized content they were offering on their webpage. Pariwana believed that this high-value content would be much more appreciated by their guests if they received the destination guide at the moment of check-in.

To overcome this challenge, Pariwana and Arrivedo partnered with Oaky. 

As Fernando Razzeto, CEO of Pariwana Hotels said: 

“We like Arrivedo’s digital interface as they helped easily include all of our local favorites, routes, and recommendations. But, we quickly realized that travelers would not reach our local content unless we could deliver it directly to them. We think that check-in time is a magical moment as this is when the traveler finally has all the logistics of the trip sorted out and is ready to start exploring the destination”.  



The Test:

Oaky is an email communication tool with upselling capabilities for hotels. As part of the available communication features of Oaky, they let hotels send an email to guests at the moment of check-in. Pariwana installed their personalized Arrivedo Destination Guide to guests via this Oaky feature to let guests receive this curated content as soon as they arrive to the destination at the moment of check-in at the hotel. 

This email included what guests could do around the hotel as per the Arrivedo Destination Guide installed on The goal was to increase user engagement metrics such as average duration of each session, average page views, and number of visitors, while reducing the bounce rate. This is the email that guests received at the moment of check-in:


First Step:

An email was sent to the customer

at the moment of check-in.




Second Step:

Customer is directed to Pariwana's Neighborhood Guide.



Third Step:

The customer reads the Neighborhood Guide.




The Results:

How was the online guest experience impacted? Pariwana Hotel compared the performance of the website landing with Arrivedo White Label solution before and after the initiation of this new welcome email sent to a guest.  The results?

  • The Average Session duration increased 144%, with guests staying 2:34 minutes on the website on average, compared to the 1:03 minutes spent before the installation.
  • The number of sessions also jumped 514%, which is to be expected as the guide is now shared at the moment of check-in, with guests increasingly opening the emails. 
  • The number of pages per session jumped 43% meaning that, on average, a hotel guest read almost 2.7 pages on the site when they received their hotel’s customized Destination Guide.
  • The bounce rate, calculated as when guests viewed only one page, decreased significantly from 68% to 49%.



Bounce Rate

More unique users, more sessions, more interactions, more page-views, together with larger average session durations and reduced bounce rate will impact Pariwana’s SEO rank.  


The Opportunity: A New Virtuous Cycle



Why should I send customers to my website after they have already booked with me? 

Delight travelers with an online guest experience within your website! In-destination customers will experience high user engagement rates in your site, and search engines will promote your SEO ranking.


How Travel Players Can Delight Traveler In-Destination And Increase Engagement Rates


Travel Agencies




Online Travel Agencies 

You have all the data about your customers’ dates of departure and arrival to any destination and could send curated content to them to help with their trip. 

Destination Marketing Organizations



DMO / Tourism Authorities

You possess banners/printed maps/signs at the destination, which could have QR codes or short-links in them, to direct travelers to the Destination Guides of the places they’re visiting.

Hotel Groups



Hotel Groups

At the moment of or before check-in, you could send your customers your Destination Guide through an email or via integrations with A.I. Chatbots to help guests take advantage of their trip in your unique location.




Travel Media

You have information about the accounts that visit your content and could send each of them a guide about the places they’re most interested in.






Mobility and Travel Players

You have information about when and where people  are traveling and could share a guide of where they’re traveling to, either before the moment of their travel or at their arrival to their destination.


Arrivedo is a unique content and technology solution for travel players that increases user engagement across any digital channels. See an example of this solution in this link

Arrivedo's CMS, aided by its destination technology and user-friendly interface, helps curate engaging travel content. It aims to facilitate the development of customized digital solutions for media and travel industries. Through Arrivedo technology, travel brands can feature recommended stories, places, routes, or experiences on a map to increase online engagement.

The technology stack includes an API that connects our CMS to your website or app. Furthermore, it simplifies your development via Arrivedo's unique SDK so your website can be updated in a snap. To learn more on Arrivedo for developers, click here.

If you think you need to rent this kind of travel technology for yourself, at Arrivedo, our aim is to provide your company with a digital transformation of their travel experience through our interactive route technology. This effectively translates to superior experiences for your customers. You can boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey, watch a FREE demo, here.

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