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Our Unique Content Creation Process and How to Do it Yourself

By Jesús Ramos

Want to understand how to start your content creation process to get your Arrivedo neighborhood guide? Learn how to begin your content creation process using Arrivedo's technology here.

How do I Start the Content Creation Process to get my Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide?

Work with one of our writers to personalize your content about what to do around your location. You’ll finally get results like these: MeraPrime Gold Design Hotel and Salzburg hotel example.

  1. Sign up and claim your hotel profile in this link: If you have been contacted by an Arrivedo Writer: claim your hotel and then let him/her know you have already done this step.
  2. If you need a writer assigned to create your destination guide, please send us an email to We will offer you a selection of writers so you can choose the one that matches your brand guidelines. If you select a writer via this process, we will offer you one month free for your White Label Solution. Learn more details about the White Label solution

What Happens After I Claim my Hotel's Profile and get an Assigned Writer?

  1. Online Interview: The main objective of the interview is to collect valuable information to showcase what your hotel has to offer. The writer will gather recommended places both in and outside of your hotel that are best-suited to your style and budget.
  2. Feedback: After your articles are finished, we will send you a unique link to review and offer feedback. This is the right time to let us know about any requests for modifications or improvements.
  3. Publication: After all adjustments are completed, we will send the link with your published guide by email. Immediately, you will be able to upgrade to the White Label solution that lives on your own website. You will also be able to share the link on your social media, emails, chatbots, SMS, and other channels.

Learn here how this Hotel in Lima increased the time spent on its website by 144% with Arrivedo's routes technology.


Typically, Arrivedo charges a one-time payment of 600 USD for the content creation of your personalized Neighborhood Guide. This comes with one free month of our White Label Solution. Also, when hotels want to enjoy the White Label Solution for longer, Arrivedo has a promotion for this. We charge 300 USD for the creation of a Neighborhood Guide when the hotel purchases one year of the White Label.

White Label rates are 0.50 USD per room, per month - with a minimum 50 USD. When one year of monthly plans are paid in advance, you get one month free and a 10% discount. Now, if you are a hotel with guests coming from different sides of the world, our product allows articles to be displayed in the languages ​​you need. We offer translation services through our Certified Writers Community.

Once you are ready, click on this link to register and initiate the payment to purchase the products you are interested in. Our team will then send you a secure link so you can finish the payment. As soon as our team verifies your payment and we receive the signed document, Arrivedo will send you a selection of three writers.

You will choose one and start the process of crafting your personalized guide. Your White Label will be automatically processed after your Neighborhood Guide is published, and you will get your first month for free!

If you would like to install our SDK/API solution especially for hotel groups or luxury hotels, please contact us for our ultimate solution.

To get the most of your personalized guide, read this article about getting our White Label for your website and digital channels.

At Arrivedo, our aim is to provide travel businesses with a digital transformation of their travel guides through our interactive routes. This effectively translates to superior experiences for your customers. You can boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey, watch a FREE demo, here.

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