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My Experience with Arrivedo

By Katherine Gonzalez

Writing has always been one of my passions and wanting to see the world, one of my greatest wishes. Definitely combining them is like finding the umami of the realized and materialized dreams. At first, I was not quite sure where to write, how to write, without losing the comfort of writing from my home.

But I was one of those addicts to look for freelance jobs and nearly two years ago, I found Arrivedo. I did not understand very well what was going on or how it worked, but honestly the videos, webinars, and all the disposition of those who make Arrivedo possible helped me to understand and learn.photographer-407068_960_720

Know & Be Surprised

I developed my speech for the travel brands and searched like crazy the emails of general managers in any travel brand in the world to contact them. It’s amazing to be in Latin America and out of nowhere to start talking to a totally unknown person in Singapore, Bali, or Burma to the point of making friends with them. With each conversation, negotiation, interview, and created Neighborhood or Destination Guides, you can feel the internationalization of different cultures through all a travel player can offer you.

The Magic of Feeling at Home

Traveling is also making a bit of an unknown place a home. Arriving at a hotel or working with a travel player thousands of miles from home can give you some anxiety, but the moment you welcome it, everything starts to change. You feel pampered, appreciated, and comfortable to be there. In addition, they are very knowledgeable about the area. They focus on tourism and know even the most remote paradises near them so you can enjoy to the fullest. Interviewing them means traveling to that place mentally and enjoying yourself as if you were there. When I wrote the Neighborhood and Destination Guides of the places I could not go, I always tried to convey the beauty of everything the general manager told me so that others could teleport like me and get excited enough to plan to grab their bags and leave. Travel.

Live. Travel. Write.

However, finding a wonderful travel player to work with, contacting it, and traveling there to write the Neighborhood or Destination Guide is a totally different experience. You can tell your experience, describe scents, textures, impressions, and the writing of a Neighborhood or Destination Guide is simply born little by little. In addition, you are receiving one, two, or even three nights in an incredible hotel or travel company as payment for what you do. It simply works while on vacation.beverage-3157395_960_720


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