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Introduction to Arrivedo CMS: Explore Our Travel-Related Features

By Alonso Franco

The digital age provides a number of opportunities to attract and retain customers. If you are a player in the travel industry, you should aim to provide something better than old-school text, photos and videos.

At Arrivedo, we can help you unleash the power of the digital age through our travel-focused publishing platform, specifically designed for you. Our unique content technology lets you curate experiences, craft inspiring stories and share authentic recommendations to delight your clients.


Unique Travel-Related Features of Arrivedo CMS

Arrivedo enhances the reading experience of any travel content through a map which appears beside the main content (which can be a mix of text, images and videos). Your travel brand can transform its digital interface through articles that are equipped with our unique features such as in-text geolocation highlights, route articles, and a lot more. Take a look at these features in detail.


In-Text Geolocation for Enhanced User Engagement

Our content editor lets you tag places as part of the text-story created, while also tagging those locations on the map. This allows the reader to scroll through the story, while the tagged locations on the map come into focus dynamically, synchronized with the tagged places in the text area. Add vibrant imagery and captivating videos to that, and your clients will be delighted.

 Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.34.47 AM


Route Articles & Their Distinguishing Features

Route articles offer the essential integration of real-time exploration via recommendation-driven paths. Routes can feature new or unknown destinations, official tours, walking, hiking or biking routes, road trips, and alternative modes of transportation. The sky (or the creativity of the travel writer) is the limit! Some of the defining characteristics of our route articles are below.

  • Arrivedo’s editor allows you to build a route by automatically connecting all the tagged places sequentially on the map.

  • By design, the interface of the routes feature calculates the time in between each of these stops. This helps your writer talk about the estimated number of hours it will take any reader to follow the route.

  • Our route format for articles allows users to differentiate between walking, cycling and driving routes. This means, the same interface is repurposed to suit any tour or sightseeing package you may have, be it a guided walking tour, a day-long sightseeing package by car, a DIY cycling trip, or a diving tour via speedboat.

  • Our API ensures that you can move the connecting line of the route (which joins one destination to another) on the map of the route articles. This gives you the freedom to generate routes along any desired street or path, even if it is off-road. This feature is super easy to use as you just have to drag the lines on the map section of our editor.

  • Our route format also allows users to mention points which are off the route. This feature comes in handy if you wish to mark a point of interest which is good to be aware of, but optional for the traveler to visit.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.36.42 AM

How Arrivedo CMS Helps Travel Businesses Like You

We help travel brands like yours with digital solutions that increase user engagement, time spent on site, sales conversions, retention, and other marketing goals.

  • Our content management system helps you create a dynamic connection of stories, maps, places, images and videos. Our content displays naturally, both in desktop and mobile formats. These interfaces are ideal for mobile, but they also look great on a desktop or a tablet.

  • Our platform can be accessed anywhere and anytime, allowing creators to add content on the go. This way, your writers can add content as they find inspiration, or make changes as required.

  • Updates to your stories can be left as a draft or published immediately, as desired. You can also make changes after publishing.

Captura de Pantalla 2019-10-22 a la(s) 12.44.48 p. m.

Our Technology beyond Arrivedo CMS: API & SDK for your Travel Website

Our content management system is only the starting point of our end-to-end travel publishing technology. Overall, our CMS serves all the content through our application program interface to any travel website or mobile app. Our architecture of Content-as-an-API or Content-as-a-Service keeps you stress-free regarding your travel content.

Via our API, travel websites can support multi-channel content such as stories, videos, images, dynamic maps, recommendations and reviews. Arrivedo API also allows for multi-channel digital experiences. Your creativity will determine how well you can make use of our CMS to delight engage and delight your users.

Finally, we also offer your engineering team a software development kit (SDK). Our SDK is a set of tools to enable travel players to recreate the entire Arrivedo experience on their own website. All this is while keeping the brand colors and styles intact. We empower you through digital interfaces that display this travel content generated with our CMS and distributed via our API.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.38.00 AM

To summarize, Arrivedo’s travel content technology helps you improve your content strategy through a bespoke CMS. If you wish to deliver unique experiences through your travel website, create custom content with our CMS and convey your message in a powerful and engaging manner. 

While our CMS seamlessly integrates with our API and SDK, you can also use our expert tech team to build a robust travel website. Alternatively, share this link with your development team (and also this example) and ask for their feedback. Get a personalized FREE demo, here.

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