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How To Increase Your Online User Retention Time With Arrivedo’s Technology

By Jesús Ramos

Patience is a rare attribute today. This is specifically true for people browsing the internet. If you are a travel player with customers who have started showing interest in your product or service, you can’t get complacent. Your potential clients may soon be hopping on to a competitor’s website. In this age of low attention-spans, we show you how to retain users and even increase the time they stay focused on your brand.

Arrivedo helps you improve your user retention time by delivering on user engagement. We use a mix of two components to get your readers to spend more time on your website: destination technology and highly curated content. Let us show you what we offer.

Destination Technology: Maps & Personalization

Our technology welcomes curated content. We do this through our robust platform which enables writers to weave stories (which can include text, images and videos) through various places on a digital map. The story moves the map as the users scroll down. This connectivity of a dynamic map with the content increases the amount of interactions by the user. This organically increases their time spent on the interface. 

Furthermore, our technology easily adapts to the travel player’s digital infrastructure (website and other apps). This means that your entire branding (fonts, logos, color scheme and other aspects) is incorporated as part of the technology. We make it convenient for you to personalize our interface to suit your preferences. Our destination technology helps you keep your clients within your website, reducing poaching by competition.

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Curated Content: Stories Relevant to Your Users

The technology alone is nothing without the curated content. Our destination technology welcomes the content, but efforts must be taken to craft beautiful articles with storytelling, rich photos, captivating stories and engaging videos. In our two-pronged approach to improve user retention, the second part is the content. Today, ordinary information is not of much use to anyone. Your content must be curated to appeal to your customers.

Arrivedo also helps you take your content to the next level by offering you two choices. You can either opt to be trained by us to create personalized content all by yourself, or let us do the content creation for you. We leave the decision-making to you. Ideally, if you are short-staffed or not an expert on travel writing, we recommend you leave the content creation to us. If you have a dedicated team of writers, whether employees or remote freelancers, we can provide the training on how to use our CMS to craft engaging articles.

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If you choose to create content by yourself, we can arrange for your staff or hired freelance writers to be trained by us. Location is not a constraint as we deliver our lessons through webinars. Once your team learns how to use our interface to craft new articles, you can also look at ways to revamp your existing content through our platform. This way, even your old articles get the advantage of our dynamic map technology.

When you give us the responsibility to create the content for you, we adopt certain best practices to deliver top-of-the-line articles. We take the time to understand your user, so that we know what they wish to read more. We do this by interviewing your team who know your clients best. For example, if you are a hotel, we glean useful insights from your managers and front desk employees who often have to answer guests on their queries.

custom content generate good relationships

With the information and recommendations gathered from your team, we craft authentic articles and personalize the content to the scenario in which your users would be requiring or reading it. Is your customer about to land in a city, reading the content on your airline app inside the plane? We curate the content to help the flyer explore the city as soon as he lands.

Is your guest staying at your hotel? We deliver the content at the moment they check-in, helping them with unique tips on what to do around your hotel, which attractions to see, where to eat, and more. By reaching your customers at an opportune time, we raise the chances that your content is read and the interface is used for their benefit.

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Source: Constant Contact

By now, you must have realized that simply reaching your customers is not enough. To really gain their trust and loyalty, you must be able to retain them also. Returning customers are the best proof of brand loyalty. And a user will want to return only if their initial experience has been memorable.


Source: Dragon Search Marketing

With our bundle of features, you will have plenty of scope to innovate and attract your guests to stay longer on your website or app. We provide not only a content management system, but also an application program interface and a software development kit - learn more on our SDK / API in this link. 

Want to boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey? Arrivedo offers route technology and travel content solutions, watch a  FREE demo, here.

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