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Hotel Palacio Improves Guest Experience by Using Arrivedo

By Jesús Ramos

In 2016, Arrivedo started its international expansion. Finding initial success within diverse cities of South America, the startup has since grown its presence to over 250 cities around the world and hosts over 1,000 hotels with a published Neighborhood Guide.

One of Arrivedo’s early adopters that is satisfied with the product is Hotel Palacio in Montevideo, Uruguay. They were one of the first 100 hotels to join Arrivedo and have had a successful outcome with the platform ever since.

Located in the heart of Montevideo, Hotel Palacio is set in a beautiful and historic building inspired by Art Nouveau. Since the hotel joined Arrivedo in December 2016, Hotel Palacio has benefited from sharing their personalized Neighborhood Guide with guests both in destination and pre-booking.

Create Your Hotel’s Localized Neighborhood Guide Effortlessly

Crafted by a certified Arrivedo travel writer, each guide is crafted to specifically suit each individual hotel’s style, budget and guest demographic. Over the span of a 45 minute interview, the writer collects various local recommendations from one of the hotel’s staff members and uses that information to create a digital guide. 

We wanted to learn how Fernando Pelaez, General Manager of Hotel Palacio, is using Arrivedo and gather his thoughts on the product overall. Our Customer Success Manager, Alfonso León Prado, spoke with Pelaez and uncovered the following: 

To be honest it was a very good experience. I had a blog where I tried to post information for anyone coming to our hotel or Uruguay. I was looking for something more dynamic and it was then when [we found] Arrivedo. – Fernando Pelaez

When asked how Hotel Palacio uses the platform today, they responded that they’ve installed one of Arrivedo’s distribution channels on their website. In addition, they have also installed a tablet in their reception area to showcase their Neighborhood Guide.


Choose From Several Stylish Distribution Channels

Once a hotel has attained their published Neighborhood Guide, they have the option to install one of Arrivedo’s distribution channels. These channels are known as Widgets and provide an attractive way to showcase a hotel’s local recommendations to current and potential guests on their website. A personalized widget, a lobby kiosk or integration with a welcome email are the most common.

Whenever a traveler makes a reservation with us, we email him with a link to our Neighborhood Guide, this way he can start planning what to do during their stay.


Front Desk Staff Share the Neighborhood Guide

To make the most out of their Neighborhood Guide, Hotel Palacio has integrated training for their staff that involves how to best showcase the guide to new guests. The guide is categorized by different articles showcasing various recommendations ranging from gastronomy, nightlife, cultural activities and more. Truth be told, with such a user-friendly format, anyone can navigate through the guide flawlessly.

My staff who are in contact with guests have been trained to be aware and [give a] tour [of our] Neighborhood Guide. It also serves so that we all share the same recommendations with our guests.


Hotels are Encouraged to Update Their Guides Periodically

The Arrivedo team encourages hotel’s to keep in touch and update their guides annually or bi-annually, to make sure that their Neighborhood Guide is up-to-date with their latest recommendations. To update the guide, hotel’s can simply reach out to the Arrivedo team. Our team will then set the hotel up with either the original, or an alternative travel writer.

For our first version, we did a very good [job] of planning of our Neighborhood Guide with a lot of content that is working really well.  

Although Palaez is pleased with the current status of Hotel Palacio’s Neighborhood Guide, he plans to have it updated periodically in the future.

Get Your Hotel’s Neighborhood Guide Today

Are you a hotelier wanting to share your local knowledge with guests, but not sure how to do it? If so, register your hotel on Arrivedo today and get set up with a travel writer to create your guide in a few easy steps.

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