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Concierge Tools to Increase Hotel Advice Outreach

By Dana Cano

There is so much knowledge in a hotel lobby. Hosts, staff, and especially concierges represent a vast collection of local knowledge irreplaceable by a destination guide.

They don’t only draw maps or make reservations at restaurants for you; they are ready to provide a series of incredible facts and insights that are the best gateway to enjoying a destination like a local.


There are two main reasons why this knowledge is unique and irreplaceable: hotel location and guest profile. A hotel’s staff is ready to answer anything based on who you are and where you are at the moment.

Despite its value, concierge knowledge isn’t available at every moment. As a traveler, one frequently finds himself waiting in line as the concierge is busy with other travelers requests. This gets even worse in lobbies with no concierge (front desk staff only), where hotel staff is constantly dealing with check-ins, check-outs, and other tasks, leaving the guest with the question to often fend for themselves.

Being this knowledge so valuable, so useful, and so frequently used by travelers, why hasn’t it been given a place to live online? For decades, it has been only been accessible in hotel lobbies and printed on papers maps or jotted down on scrap papers. Why not organize it all in a place and make it available to guests at any moment, whether or not at the hotel?

Arrivedo iPad Kiosk

Arrivedo is the platform for hotels to organize their recommendations to guests, and the iPad Kiosk is a concierge tool and your lobby’s best friend. What makes it so cool?


Beautiful display

Organizing concierge-quality knowledge into a platform sounds like a difficult job, but hopefully it has already been done. Arrivedo gives visual guidance to guests by organizing maps, places, tips, and images in one single layout, beautiful and easy to access by hotel staff and travelers.

Give directions from your hotel

Show travelers the route to recommended places from your hotel. The kiosk automatically shows driving and walking routes.


Send info to traveler’s phones

Save time and paper by easily sending information to your guests. You are just a click away from sending information and directions into your traveler’s pocket via email. Insert an email address, and within seconds travelers will receive the details on their phones.


Search for any places in your city

Looking for opening hours, the address or other info regarding a place? There’s no need to know it all already. Use the kiosk’s search feature to look up any place a guest may ask about from Foursquare’s database.


Provide transparent advice

Pre-Arrivedo, guests had the perception that concierge advice was influenced by commissions. In Arrivedo, staff recommendations are shown together with comments by past guests, showing the value other visitors have gotten from this advice.

The Arrivedo iPad Kiosk is an ideal tool to enhance guest service, as it standardises recommendations given by staff. Hotel managers can build a collection of recommendations which once organized in Arrivedo, these can be easily learned by hotel staff and delivered to guests. It is also easily updatable, keeping information current and changing recommendations depending on the time of the year.

The app is absolutely free and works best on iPad 4, or newer models, and can be set up within minutes. Want learn more about route technology and travel content solutions? You can boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey, watch a FREE demo, here.

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