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Best Note Apps for Travel Writers to Never Forget a Landmark Name or Place

By Deborah Mendez

Don’t you hate it when you really want to write something down, but you can’t find even a scrap of paper? While there are plenty of ways to take notes, such as the old fashioned way with a pen and paper, scribbles on a napkin, on scrap piece of paper or even on the back of your hand; at some point in time everyone has struggled.
These days everyone carries a phone to jot down notes, but where to write them is the main problem. Should you open a text message to write them down and accidentally hit send, or take a photograph which gets lost with all the other photos on the phone?

Travel writers are no different: they need to take notes all the time, remember names of delicious foods, landmarks, prices – everything requires notes to remember things. There is a very large number of note taking applications on iOS, Android, Desktop and the Web, which can be slightly intimidating when deciding which one is best for you. Here are five of the most popular and best note taking applications available today.

1. Evernote

Evernote is very popular and many even consider it one of the most popular note taking applications in the world. Evernote is available on iOS, Android, the web, desktop, and is a great place to keep all notes neatly organized online and works best if all notes are saved in the same application. The application has many multimedia features and storage, including audio recordings and photo notes, you can also tag and search notes. For offline access or offline mobile access, you have to upgrade and pay for the premium version of the application.

2. Apple Notes

Every iPhone has Apple Notes built into the phone, and it is often used as the default application for Apple users. It is one of the most popular note taking applications for iPhone users, it is easy to use and fits with most people’s desires of a note taking application. Apple Notes impresses users with its capabilities as it is integrated with iOS and Siri. Apples Notes, however, doesn’t allow for the ability to change the theme, fonts or even personalize the user experience.01

3. Bear

Bear is an aesthetically pleasing, nice-feel application, with easy to use features, notes in lists, and in-your-face technology. The note taking application allows for organization by title, date, images, and any other way you desire, you can also pin specific notes to the top of the page for easy use. Bear allows you to search through notes, create a check list, utilize tabs, link to other notes and freehand sketch notes all within the application. header-mac-screenshot@2x-1024x734

4. OneNote

Available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and the web, OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office software. It is designed around the idea of notebooks, with section tabs, organization by category or however you desire. You can type anywhere within the application, add images, attachments, highlight parts of text, and create to-do lists, audio files, sketches and videos.

5. Google Keep

The most basic note taking application on the list, Google Keep is designed to be a basic sticky-note taking application. It is available on iOS, Android and the web, all fully featured. The application has check lists, is easy to use and has a minimalistic feel. Google Keep has a ‘copy to Google Docs’ feature, which turns notes into editable Google Doc files. Google Keep also allows for audio transcription: you can record your thoughts, or transcribe audio files into text.

Don’t Forget:

Keep in mind that note taking applications depend entirely on personal preference, from the features desired, to online usage and what the note taking is required for. Travel writers’ requirements would vary depending on the use of the notes and the organization required.


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