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Arrivedo’s Technology and Content Solution Helps Independent Hotels Improve User Engagement

By Jesús Ramos

Arrivedo helps hotels tell unique stories with a map to improve user engagement. 

Discover the first solution that combines technology with personalized content. With a customized Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide (see example), you will be able to boost online user engagement with high-quality content and unique technology. 

If you are ready to boost the online presence of your hotel, read these two articles to start the process:

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Still want to know more about Arrivedo? Learn about us below 

You can delight your guests and grow user engagement rates by 50% with curated recommendations and our interactive map technology. We offer easy integrations across your digital channels while centralizing content creation efforts. With our technology, results show that users spend an average of five minutes on your site.

If you are an independent hotelier, you are probably looking at our solutions to create a customized Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide. You can easily embed it on your website and digital channels.

An Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide includes 8 to 10 articles encompassing different themes. These range from routes to convenient tips, restaurants to nightlife, outdoor adventure, cultural activities, and more. You can tag the places on the map, draw routes, upload photos, videos, and more thanks to the integration we have with Foursquare.

Our guide is a combination of curated content and unique technology. 

Curated content:

Arrivedo has a global community of travel writers who are trained to create localized content for your hotel via our CMS. They retrieve necessary information by interviewing you or your staff. Then, they craft your hotel’s personalized guide based on your recommendations. With this method, we've created over 14,000 quality articles to date. We work with more than 300 active writers to generate content for more than 1,400 hotels worldwide.


Our content lives within Arrivedo’s digital destination interface, which can be embedded as part of your hotel’s website. It will not only solve your content needs but will also lead to an improvement in the guest experience.

Once they reach your destination, guests will use the guide, which can also enhance your web metrics. Results include increased time spent on site, reduced bounce rates (retention), increased user engagement and increased SEO rank. So let's go!

Learn here how this Hotel in Lima increased the time spent on its website by 144% with Arrivedo's routes technology.

Arrivedo Integrates with In-room Tablets, Mobile Apps, TV, or Kiosk Providers...

Our unique Neighborhood Guide allows you to power up with unique content and technology. Use it not only for your website, but also for your mobile app, in-room tablets, kiosks, booking engines, and more. We help providers focus on the core of their product by personalizing local content. With it, comes the possibility of frequent updates to ultimately delight guests with unique things to do nearby.

... Also With CRMs, A.I. Chatbots and Guest Communication Providers

Our Neighborhood Guides are great icebreakers to start communicating with your guests. They provide valuable information during the guest journey. You will be able to improve your guest experiences by delivering a personalized guide at check-in. We integrate with guest communication platforms such as CRMs and A.I. chatbots, allowing us to distribute content and respond to common questions.

At Arrivedo, our aim is to provide travel businesses with a digital transformation of their travel guides through our interactive routes. This effectively translates to superior experiences for your customers. You can boost online user engagement and delight visitors with a unique online journey, watch a FREE demo, here.

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