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Arrivedo's Tech Solutions for your Business - API, API+SDK, iFrame

By Alonso Franco

We are thrilled that you wish to take your travel business to the next level in terms of user engagement and want to know more about our travel technology solutions. Our dynamic map and route-based features provide viewers with a seamless reading experience where the map moves along with the content on the same page.

To make this possible, we offer you three types of technology integration: API (Application Programming Interface), SDK (Software Development Kit) and White Label (using iFrame). Let’s understand these concepts first.

API (Application Programming Interface):

This interface defines a set of rules that should be followed by software programs to communicate with each other. A Remote API allows software systems to communicate through digital networks.

SDK (Software Development Kit):

This is a set of resources containing pre-made methods or functions and assets or objects) that can be used to build mobile-device apps and web programs.

White Label:

This is a product that is completely developed by a company (the producer) that another company (the marketer) pays for. So, it is rebranded and appears as though the marketer created it.

We will now explain how our solutions work for you. There are also guidelines to help you decide which solution is the best fit for your travel company.


1. Standalone Application Programming Interface (API)


Our API provides information about your articles as raw JSON (JavaScript Object Notation file format) data that you can fully customize and consume from your own website, app or service.


You have full control over the coding, and look and feel as we only provide you with the content. You can blend your own web design (UI) and user experience (UX) with our content. Everything stays inside your website, under your graphic style.

Implementation Effort:

High. Arrivedo servers provide you only with the structured data, while the interface and graphic style is up to you. You should ideally have sufficient manpower and resources to fully integrate our standalone API onto your site.

Recommended for:

We suggest this type of solution to clients who want to have complete control of the visual part of their product which is merged with ours. The client should be willing to invest in the development time to build an interface for the data provided by our API. To learn more about this solution, click here.

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2. Application Programming Interface (API) + Software Development Kit (SDK)


This integration technology includes pre-made methods (functions) and assets (objects) that would help a developer to build a more personalized interface than the White Label solution. The development investment is reduced drastically as minimum effort is required from your developer to create a functional interface.

You also get full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits which include indexing keywords and an interface for longer user sessions (continuous time spent by the customer).



Every component provided by our SDK is customizable. We provide you with a set of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets for website design) styles that your developer can use and extend to suit your requirement.

Implementation Effort:

Medium. This solution requires your developer to integrate the API and SDK, and to extend the styles to match your brand colors and fonts.

Recommended for:

This is ideal for clients who want a higher degree of customization than the White Label solution, but also would also like to speed up the process by using pre-made resources for development. A good fit for any level, including junior developers. To know more about our JavaScript library, explore the documentation here. To focus on SEO right through the development process, read our integration tutorial here.

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3. White Label (iFrame)

Our White Label solution is the complete experience developed by Arrivedo and incorporated as an Iframe in your site. The entire module is rebranded with your colors and logo, but hosted and maintained by Arrivedo. You gain on SEO-based organic traffic as your users will increase their time spent on your website, although the text and keywords will not be indexed as part of your site.



Colors and logo, color background in the header, “Book” button colors, labels, the link to the hotel website, and the fonts (from a selection) can be personalized.

Implementation Effort:

Minimal. A configuration form will be provided to you. It can be displayed on your website as an embedded object (using iFrame).

Recommended for:

We recommend this to clients who seek to have a slight degree of personalization on their platform but have no development power. No coding is required in this integration option. This is as easy as inserting a YouTube video as part of your website’s content. We also recommend the White Label for pilots or tests - when clients want to test how their content will look with our technology and how their users will interact with our interface. 

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When you decide to use one of our bespoke solutions, you can learn still more about the requisite development techniques and tools at: For further questions, contact us at:

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