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4 ways to improve exposure and design of your online products

By Alejandro Borasino

The market for online products is totally saturated, options are truly infinite. There are those related to the typical start-of-conversion-cycle. As you may know, this process starts with the discovery of a need or supply in search engines or organic or paid publication in high-traffic media. Other products are related to the access and experience of visiting the web pages of products and services. 


The abundance of products leaves us with an important path: it is necessary to optimize either your own digital resources or hired ones, in order to make the most of user attention and win the customer battle with similar products. Let us give you a few ideas to improve the digital presence of your products in dissemination channels and in your own interface. 


1. A lot of visibility and impact is NOT better than finding the Minimum Critical Mass (MCM)

First, it’s important to cut off all the plentiful publicity online, both on desktop or mobile devices. The Internet users are not just millions, they’re also quite diverse, and attempting to reach all of them might just be an impossible task. Also, it may not be as useful as a niche strategy. What groups of people could be interested in my value proposal and why? Where are they? What channels do they use? What are they interested in seeing and reading? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to identify your Minimum Critical Mass.

If you find these, connect them to your product and service and convince them with outstanding results, you’ll see they’ll start telling akin users about them, and soon your client list will expand. 

You don’t really need every internet user to see you, the most important thing is that the people that need you and your product, find you. Segmentation and programmatic strategies, as well as an inbound marketing plan, may help you go beyond the typical indiscriminate media bombing you can find online. To start with, you need to study your buyers, their needs and what makes them potential users of your value propositionCaptura de Pantalla 2020-04-20 a la(s) 4.19.58 p. m.

2. A design that improves the online showcasing of your products: From static to visually interactive

When you are designing the online showcasing strategies for your products or services, you must have in mind that looks are everything. The abundant and aggressive publicity you can find in platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook actually reduces the user’s attention gap. 

This is why, capturing a lead’s interest and redirecting it to your own platform (website, mobile app, tactile screen, etc.) might be your best option. You just can't afford to have potential users on hold, you must seek to quickly generate a sales conversion. 

To make that conversion, the path may be smooth, straightforward and fast. Digital users read differently on the internet than on paper, which is why modern digital design must provide the user with the best online experience, using images, videos, animations, simple menus, and other text features.

If you’re considering rebuilding your digital platforms, be mindful of this balance before saturating your options menu and internal pages with text. Build a menu with just a few options and a horizontal sitemap. Also, on every individual product page, you must consider including lots of images, videos, maps, and other interactive components. This will make reading your content easier, and provide a complete digital experience. 

This way, you’ll see how the online showcase of your products will have better results, and also, your audience will become more interested in establishing contact. 

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3. Focus on technology and tools that add value to your platform

There are a myriad of products that are designed to serve as add ons to your own platforms. These may be plugins, widgets, iframes, libraries, API, and software. Initially, you want to focus on a solution that solves a particular issue on your platform. Then, you may start considering more elaborate products with more functions. However, what usually occurs is that developers get driven by anxiety and leave behind careful design analysis, and so, they end up purchasing solutions that make your platform unnecessarily complex.

It is important to be highly critical when considering adding digital solutions to your platform. If you don’t have a massive number of clients asking for information, then maybe having a chatbot is not a great idea. Don’t install it because it comes in a digital solutions package or because everybody has one. Think about precise problems on your page, and seek the best solution for it. 

If you want your portfolio to have a better appearance in your product or service display site, look for tools that will help you get better pictures, forms, videos, animations, maps, etc. An SDK or CMS library that contains all of these components might be your best shot. Captura de Pantalla 2020-04-20 a la(s) 4.40.19 p. m.

4. Learn by identifying useful data

Products and channels are in constant evolution. As long as users continue to change their requirements and technology services improve, they’ll never be fully finished. Hence, you must focus on key measures. There are several metrics that will enable you to improve your site. 

Normally, people assume that success indicators of a product or service are the number of sales of total product or service sales. However, in digital channels, you must first solve other steps in the sales process, such as interest and retention. 

First, you must identify the steps in which you need some work to do, as well as solving the specific issues your products and platform may have. For example, if you have good traffic and permanence numbers, but you need to convert clients on the second visit, then you must work on retention metrics. If your visitors are interested in your page, but you need them to close a sales process with you, an automatic data-based notification system may just be what you’re looking for. 

You can have abundant data, but don’t try to solve every issue with your platform at once. Focus on solving problems in the conversion cycle one by one, and you’ll see how each of them is a valuable lesson to solve the design and implementation of your digital products and channels. 

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