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4 Ways To Help Travel Agencies In Each Of The Stages Of A Tourist's Buying Cycle

By Alejandro Borasino

Deciding to make a purchase is often not easy, especially if you are thinking about which trip you can use your tight budget and your limited vacation time on.

For this reason, Travel Agencies, Tour operators, DMCs and OTAs must offer the traveler the greatest amount and quality of information from different tourist destinations. This can facilitate the jump from the “Consideration” stage to the “Decision” stage of the buying process. where they finally buy their chosen services.

Maps are an essential part of understanding the products and experiences offered at destination. Arrivedo's technology provides this interaction. It connects any type of information with a geographical representation of any site in the world.
In this article you will find four examples of how companies are using Arrivedo within different marketing strategies.


1. Tours at destination

We assist the Tour operator to generate a description of the tours they sell, including a text describing the route connected to the map.

Both the reselling agency and the final customer need clarity regarding the specifics of the tour they are going to buy. A user who has all the necessary information will feel confident and be ready to make a purchase. A reseller agency will be able to explain the tourist package without major doubts, using the information provided to aid them.

It is likely that an interested traveler will end up making a purchase if the route interface the experience gives them confidence. The dynamism of the interaction between the tour description and the map improves the digital user experience on the web, and increases the time spent on the sites of agencies and operators. The more time the traveler spends exploring in detail the tour that is to be purchased, the greater the probability that they will make a purchase.

It is also possible that the Tour operator may not want to provide 100% of the details of the tour, as the information given leads to the traveler choosing not to buy and / or take it. For these cases, we provide a solution that generates only the base points, and we allow the operator to open up the full detail of the content once the tourist has bought the product.

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2. Multi-city package itineraries

Many travel agencies offer long-term set packages that take travelers through different cities. However, the vast majority of agencies prepare itineraries in a traditional format (using a list of activities or written in long paragraphs) without a map that can help the user as a reference point; which serves to remove dynamism at the moment of purchase.

In these cases, it is possible that the traveler diverts their attention to finding the places mentioned in the package on another site such as Google Maps. We know that the more time an entertained user spends with the tour package on your website, the more likely that the sale is made, therefore the omission of an interactive map with the package reduces the purchase intention.

On the other hand, with Arrivedo’s technology, an interaction of this type can be maintained on the agency's website as its structure allows an interaction between the description of the itineraries and the map that shows them where to locate the places they will be visiting during their trip.

11 dias por Espana, Francia, Monaco e Italia a $972

In this link, you can find an example of the previous image. As Arrivedo’s technology lives within your website, our interface, movement of the map, etc. is 100% adjustable to the reality of your tours.


3. Travel guides for a specific destination or landings of destinations.


Travel agents seek to develop relationships with their clients so that they return to buy more packages and tours. Sending a destination guide to your travelers before their trip, and at the right time once they are visiting the destination, is a unique way to connect and surprise your customers/travelers.

Additionally, the interaction that your travelers have within your website (with your interactive guide), will increase the number of visits, the length of stay and will lower the bounce rate of your page.

Arrivedo technology can adapt 100% to the brand and design guidelines of the travel agency, which makes it perfect for delivering valuable information to the customer and capturing their attention. Surprise tourists with the best bars and restaurants in the city, or possible routes, walks or free tours that you can enjoy outside of the official itinerary.

These guides serve to motivate the desire of people to travel before buying, and they are also excellent complements / extras for the tours and packages that the agency has sold, as they increase customer satisfaction.

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4. Travel blog


A blog section on the website of the agency, the DMC, or the Tour operator helps a user who has not decided on which place to visit, to consider some interesting options and also to position the page in search engines on-line.

For this reason, Arrivedo technology offers travel agencies and tour operators the possibility of connecting your blog articles with labels that place the mentioned places on a dynamic map, and that facilitate navigation and user understanding.

If the goals of your blog include improving your online positioning - SEO ranking - during 2020, it is not enough to have related keywords and texts. The website must have a low bounce rate, and in addition, high lengths of stay on the site. Arrivedo will offer your site all these benefits to help you to attract more travelers.

We can additionally help you to create all of your blog articles connected to the tours and packages you have for sale.

Here are some examples:

Headers Blog Travel Agencies
Captura de Pantalla 2020-01-10 a la(s) 6.04.30 p. m.

Are you ready to generate interactive content that is of value to your users? Boost your travel website with our tourism marketing software. Create, update and measure your travel content with our route technology. Watch a free demo here.

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