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3 Tips to Transform your Travel Content into a Customer-Centric Strategy

By Alonso Franco

Today, many travel businesses have a website that behaves like a paper-based brochure, just sitting online. However, what businesses really need to do is transform that relatively static website into a modern marketing machine that produces the right leads, converts a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities, and gives your travel agents what they need to close more revenue with a shorter sales cycle.

How can you do that? It is all about the experience you offer to your website visitors. Companies must change their business-centric mindset to a customer-centric one.

Buyers today expect personalized interfaces and interactions. Today's online users have more information at their fingertips than ever before. They will most likely come to you already being educated about the destination and potential product offerings. Generic destination descriptions or tour offerings, with simple text and image interfaces, is not enough to engage and convert today’s digital customers.

Online users want to be treated like humans and not simply as an email address. Your website interfaces and content are your chance to build trust with potential buyers and help them understand what they need from you. You need interactive and relevant content prepared for the 2020-era educated users that crave for online experiences. Are you doing this?

In this blog post, we will help you transform your travel experiences, routes, and blog into inspiring content that helps travelers make decisions your way.

1. Be Mindful of your Traveler at Different Stages of The Journey

The content on your website should be helpful to your travelers in several ways, but it should particularly have the following characteristics:

  1. The content should explain to the traveler the experience they will have when they journey to your offered destination. Do whatever it takes to convey the complete details of the experience you want to sell. Images and videos are important, but make sure the content is unique and adds real value. Avoid generic descriptions and create content for unique user cases, even if those belong to the long tail of your user profiles.
  2. The content should also help travelers purchase a deal once they are ready, or move on to the next steps, as easily as possible. Let your website technology be equipped to facilitate the transaction to the user who wishes to go ahead. Pair appropriate inspirational content with the right conversational and booking capabilities to bring your travelers closer to a personalized conversation or to finalize the deal online.


2. Maps Technology: The Key to Engage Travelers & Start a Conversation

Even great content with awesome details, vibrant images, and useful information can slip away from the eyes of your online readers. Think about the number of times you have read material about “things to do in Paris”.

Provide your users with an interactive experience. Maps are important in this interactive equation. If you want to help a reader decide where to travel, a relevant map can help your user understand how far away he will be from his business conference, or how accessible a weekend getaway would be after a portion of his trip.

This educated user already knows “the 4 most important attractions in Paris”. What he probably doesn’t know is the location from where he would be able to visit most of them with just a walk. A map can also answer this question.

It is the same with tours or packages. An interactive map explaining what the user can purchase, and how long it would take, can help him identify if that is the ideal option.

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 9.06.20 AM


3. Add a Conversational Experience to Build a ‘Content-to-Book’ Strategy

Deploy all the necessary information to prepare the reader to make a purchase. Think about how you would position your bookable content along with your inspirational content before you even begin to write it.

If the user is inspired already, she is probably researching and looking for information for a trip she will start in the future. She may not be ready to make a purchase, but certainly ready to engage with you on her own terms though. This holds true no matter what the platform is, whether it's your website, email, or messaging system.

Start with the correct conversation that engages your users in alignment with the content they are reading. Offer more information, ask for destinations and topics of their interest. We show you how:

Pair your interactive map-content with a smart bot or chatbot to be seen as curious about your users’ needs. Be empathetic in your questions. Think from the user’s perspective, and help him make a decision to purchase what is ideal for him. You might also learn about the interest of your user and obtain a lead interested in purchasing a related package.

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 9.08.43 AM


To summarize, the combination of who your user is, where they are in their journey, and what the desired outcome is, form the key to your content marketing strategy. This will really help drive up the value of every conversation and interactive content offer they are receiving in order to accomplish their travel needs.

Local insights have become a huge part of the buyer experience. If you have invested or will soon invest in a content strategy, don’t just create content. Make sure you build an interactive experience around this content so that your users build a rapport with you. Additionally, create the technology to transition from inspiration into conversion via conversions in chats or emails. 

People are always looking for experiences and recommendations to figure out what is best for them. Delivering the right insight in an easy format and interface can ultimately lead someone to become a customer for your travel business.

At Arrivedo,  we help travel brands tell extraordinary stories on a map, improving their user engagement. Ready to empower your website with our destination marketing software and create, update and measure high-quality travel content that attracts and engages your visitors? Watch a free demo, here.

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