Contacting from a Distance: Cash or Free Room?

Your work deserves payment, and working with hotels you have several options about what you can earn by writing a Neighborhood Guide. It can be cash, free room, a dinner in a restaurant, a day at the hotel spa, a day in front of the pool, or some attraction you want to experience. If you are planning to go on vacation and you are going to travel to a specific place, it is worthwhile to plan your stay in any of the hotels that you contact with Arrivedo.

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Tips for Getting Free Room

Forget the grief or being shy. When asked if there is a cost for the Neighborhood Guide, you can offer an exchange: the Neighborhood Guide for one or two free nights. Normally hotels are more encouraged to accept these offers and you benefit more because you live a different experience in a 5-star hotel if it is the case, and you can know first-hand what they told you in the interview.

Furthermore, with the experience of being in a hotel and performing countless activities, you have authentic material to create more content, as well as a route article. On the other hand, you can take great photos to share with the writer’s community, your personal Instagram, or for your travel blog if you have one.

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Tips to Get Cash

I live in Venezuela which makes it a bit harder to get a free room in a hotel in Bali or in China several times a month. It is simply something that I could not afford since it is very expensive. So if you ask yourself if you have other options besides a free room, the answer is: OF COURSE!

You can usually charge between 100USD and 400USD for the Neighborhood Guide, depending on whether the hotel you are contacting is 3-star or 5-star, and what the price range of their rooms is. On the other hand, you can always ask for cash as the equivalent of one of the rooms, but it is not as simple as it is read.

You have to be kind and nice enough to negotiate an exchange like that since many of the hotels do not have a budget for a Neighborhood Guide. The proposal should be as attractive as possible, and you should explain how it’s difficult for you to move to the hotel so they can consider it better. Finally, always try to make sure that your work is of quality since it is both your name and Arrivedo that are at stake. Worth keeping in mind, they are paying for good content for the hotel.

Regarding when you should ask for a payment, I recommend that you do it when the article is ready, or that you do it in two parts to avoid the unpleasant situation in which the hotel does not want to pay.

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