6 Simple Steps to Launch Your Travel Writing Career

With new writers emerging every day, the travel writing industry is a competitive one to break into. It is often said in the travel writing industry that there are more ways to make money than ever before, but there are also more people trying to make money writing than there ever was before. This overall means that there are more people making less money than ever before.

There are lots of different ways to make money travel writing, including writing guidebooks, practical articles, novels, reviews, how to guides, and experience pieces. Here are six tips to break into the travel industry.

1. Go Traveling

One of the easiest ways to start travel writing is to go traveling. The easiest way to write an article is from previous knowledge or personal experiences. For instance, did you visit a unique place? Or could you write an article about tips for visiting a location?

To become a successful travel writer, you have to be self-motivated, see potential in each experience, and sell those potential ideas. Keeping a journal will allow you to use those travel experiences for years to come. You also have to be willing to spend time away from home, traveling, as well as creating and thinking about writing ideas. Reading other writers pieces of work will also help you increase your knowledge and get different writing style ideas and influences.

2. Create a Portfolio & Online Presence

By creating a blog and online presence you can use it as a portfolio to showcase your writing like you would a resume. This will give potential collaborators an idea of your writing style, travel experiences and how you could work with them. With a blog you can also use it to tell readers about yourself in a bio, as well as giving them an idea of your past and future travel plans.

You can use social media as a way to showcase your work, upload photos, and create a multimedia portal to interact with followers. These followers will become a group of people who enjoy reading your blog and can learn from your travel experiences. Networking with other writers on social media or through meetups is a great way to meet like-minded travelers and writers who also have a unique story.

3. Tell Your Readers Something Unique

There are millions of travel related articles on the internet, one of the keys to breaking into travel writing is to tell your readers something new. Why are you writing the article and what are you trying to achieve? Give each article an interesting angle, tone and help your audience learn something new. 

Creating a niche will separate you from the other articles which already exist, whether it’s a destination or subject which you know well, you can share your experiences and knowledge of that place with others. Interacting with people on social media channels will help to make you an expert in your chosen area. Or the go-to in that area, which will then draw attention from the bigger media channels.

4. Start Small

Once you have your blog or website up and running you can begin pitching to potential companies. There are so many lists online of media networks, magazines, and websites looking for writers to pitch them articles. But don’t try and take on the world to begin with, start with the smaller publications, send them pitches and work with them to gain experiences adapting to writing styles, languages and working with companies and editors. Once you have a portfolio of publications you have written for you are more likely to be successful with your pitches to larger companies.

5. Create Engaging Content

A good travel writing article transports readers to the destination, through their senses and incorporates descriptions of smells, sights, tastes, sounds, and sensations. The first line of an article is the most important, with a large number of articles out there, without a good opening line the reader will be unlikely to read the whole article. You have to engage with the reader, and entice them to read the article to the end. Impacting photos and videos will also help in this regard.

6. Remember That Not Everyone is Interested

Bill Bryson once said, “A basic error with travel writing is assuming everybody’s interested, work with the idea that nobody is interested and make people be interested.” Not everyone will enjoy reading your writing, people are critical, people will have different opinions of a place to you and disagree with your ideas. But remember you can’t please everyone and more people will appreciate your writing than those who are critical about it. Breaking into the travel writing industry isn’t an easy task, but it is worth the work if that’s what you are passionate about.



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