Best Places for Millennial Bloggers to Travel in 2018

Every year different countries and cities around the world become ‘this year’s’ popular place for tourists, travel bloggers or world nomads to visit. Some of these countries or cities make the list due to special events happening throughout the year such as anniversaries, significant birthdays or cultural events.

Each year these lists change with different places added and different places trending. For 2018 there has been a large number of places which are popular to visit, some are due to special events, others are due to a decrease in violence or safety precautions. Whatever the reason, some of the top places for bloggers to visit in 2018 include Louisiana, Chile, Portugal, Bhutan, Malta, New Zealand and Estonia.  


For many years Louisiana has just be considered one of those Southern States, made known by Hurricane Katrina, famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations and the lively city of New Orleans. In 2018 New Orleans is celebrating it’s 300th birthday, with a large number of their annual parades as well as many more celebrations throughout the year. But Louisiana is much more than these things, Louisiana is thriving with history: its plantations and historic landmarks allow visitors to learn about the history of the slave trade as well as it’s French influence. Louisiana’s southern hospitality is known countrywide, as well as it’s Southern food such as grits, gumbo, and superb seafood. Many of which are caught just of the state’s coast or in the bayou’s which cover the state.


In 2018 Chile has become a popular destination to visit, with its abundance of wildlife, the thriving city of Santiago, Patagonia, Atacama desert, the Terra do Fogo archipelago and much more. Chile is the perfect destination for activity trips, excursions, hiking and outdoor activities. Chile has become even more accessible in 2018. with an increase in flights from North America, South America, and Europe.


Portugal has become a center for art, culture, and cuisine. With Lisbon creating a culinary buzz around the world, a thriving Microbrewery scene, over 300 beaches and the first site in the world to be certified by the Starlight Foundation, and has become a starlight tourism destination thanks to the low light pollution. Portugal has been a hidden surfing destination for years but is now putting its name on the map, with the Alentejo coast, which has clear waves and the cliffs of Sao Torpes. Portugal is also well known for its fishing route, road trip potential, fishing, agriculture, livestock, and forestry.


October sees the third annual Royal Highlander Festival, which takes place in the highest settlement in Bhutan, called Laya and the highest in the world at 4,000m. The festival celebrates the Himalayan nomad culture, sports such as archery, horse riding, yak beauty and colorful nomad attire. From Laya, you can trek to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is a steep two and a half hour trek at altitude, a rewarding but rugged trail, with stones and a monastery at the top of the cliff.


Malta has been considered to be the European capital of culture in 2018, with a superb art, culture and film scene with film festivals, 300 days of sunshine, events, charm, and culture within the capital Valletta. The Mediterranean archipelago has evident prehistoric temples, 17th century forts, as well as much more to explore and discover. If you are looking for a place with plenty of content ideas, put Malta on your 2018 travel bucket list. 

New Zealand

Adventure seekers have been flooding to New Zealand for the last five years to discover one of a kind trail, walks, explorations, the wilderness, and beautiful natural wonders. In 2018 New Zealand offers bloggers the opportunity to explore this environment and the natural wonders that these islands have to offer. In New Zealand, you can also visit Hobbiton, where you can undertake an evening tour, visit the Green Dragon Inn, witness the sunset over Hobbiton, sample delicious food, see the hobbit holes lights up while you walk around.


In 2018, Estonia celebrates it’s 100th birthday with celebrations all over the country throughout the year. Estonia and its capital city Tallinn are considered one of the fastest growing destinations in the world. Estonia is perfect for a warm spa break, city break, or sightseeing break. You can also combine a trip to Estonia with a road trip through Lithuania and Latvia. Visit all the sights, history and culture these three countries have to offer, including the old capitals of Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania).


Image 1: Wikimedia Commons: Saint Louis Cathedral -Royalpt78 – New Orleans, United States
Image 2: Stock Image: Atacama Desert – Stephanie Frias – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Image 3: Flickr: Surf – Bengt Nyman -Peniche, Portugal
Image 4: Pixabay: Tiger’s Nest Monastery – Public Domain- Taktsang trail, Bhutan
Image 5: Public Domain Pictures: Grand Habour – Kirk F – Malta
Image 6: Wikimedia Commons: Hobbiton – Tom Hall – Hinuera, New Zealand
Image 7: Flickr: Old Town – Kaupo Kalda – Tallinn, Estonia

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