Become a Certified Travel Writer With Arrivedo: Work Remotely, Earn Cash & Experiences

Are you a freelance travel writer interested in writing for hotels around the world in exchange for cash, free accommodation and experiences? With a growing community of more than 1,700 Certified Arrivedo Travel Writers, creatives and travel enthusiasts alike are creating localized content for hotels to share to help enhance guest experience.

If you want to improve your skillset, connect with locals, and transform hotel recommendations into Neighborhood Guides, read on to discover the story of South African born writer, Daniella Schoeman, and a bit about her success while working with Arrivedo.

Grow Professionally With Arrivedo

Breaking into the travel industry can be rather challenging. But alongside Arrivedo, writers are provided an innovative opportunity to showcase their work while building their portfolio and improving their skillset.

I have been given many opportunities to learn and grow with Arrivedo, while also increasing my income in the form of the mentoring program, editing work or getting hotels to add the widgets to their websites.” – Daniella, Schoeman

Creating Arrivedo Neighborhood Guides (and taking advantage of other opportunities within the company), gives writers around the globe the chance to work with hotels on a local and international scale. According to Schoeman’s strategy, she prefers to pitch to hotels locally in exchange for monetary reimbursement. Throughout these experiences, she has also established quality working relationships.

“I have created good working relationships with a number of contacts at large hotel chain marketing agencies. This has resulted in referrals and I was recently able to add half of the hotels under The Capital Hotels chain to Arrivedo,” said Schoeman.

Work & Travel has Never Sounded so Good

Freelancing with Arrivedo gives writers the ability to work remotely, meaning you can work where you want, when you want. As long as you have a laptop and WiFi connection, you can truly write from anywhere. As a Certified Arrivedo Writer, you have the freedom to create your own schedule. However, Schoeman suggests to map out some time while you’re on the road to research, pitch to hotels, write and staying on top of deadlines.

“While I am on the road, I set aside time each day to focus on research, pitching, writing, and keeping up with deadlines. However, the rest of the time I am free to fully enjoy my travels and also try new things, which improves my writing as I get to write from personal experience,” she says.

How to Land Your Next Hotel Deal

When she travels, Daniella generally pitches Arrivedo Neighborhood Guides to hotels in exchange for free accommodation. During a recent trip to Portugal, she collaborated with eight hotels and 10 restaurants over the span of three weeks. She received a total of 15 nights free accommodation and on average, received two free nights (for two people) along with breakfast from each hotel. A few of the hotels also offered tours and meals as part of the deal.

Once Daniella collects a hotel’s recommendations, she prefers to visit some of the places. During her trip to Portugal, she reached out to some of the restaurants recommended by the hotels and they suggested she receive a complimentary meal.

Before your next trip, Schoeman recommends to start pitching to hotels well in advance, be patient, and persevere. “I started reaching out to hotels systematically and made sure to follow up at least three times. Pitching is a process that requires perseverance, patience and usually involves building a rapport with your contact at the hotel,” she says.

Get Your Work Published on a Global Scale

Writing with Arrivedo gives freelancers an outlet to showcase their writing, photography and interview skills on an international platform. Throughout the process, Arrivedo provides writers with training and support material including: webinars, easy-to-digest articles, video tutorials and one-to-one feedback.

With all of these new skills, Arrivedo writers can also transfer the knowledge and develop their personal work. “Arrivedo has given me the opportunity to work with more hotels and travel to more places, which means I have more content to write about on my own website,” said Schoeman.

Whether writing with Arrivedo, working on personal projects, or creating content for other publications, Arrivedo helps provide the necessary skills in order to grow both within and beyond the company.  


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