Work Remote With Arrivedo: Elizabeth Holmes Onboards 8 Hotels in 1 Month

Are you freelance writer interested in designing your own schedule, working remote and collaborating with team of over 1000 writers from around the world? If so, Arrivedo could be the outlet to help you jump start your travel writing career. Get the inside scoop of what it’s like to write with Arrivedo from the experience of Vermont based writer, Elizabeth Holmes.

Working a routine-based, nine to five job can be draining. However, when you’re motivated by the work you do and have the ability to plan a work schedule around your personal life, the result can be much more energizing.

I was pretty burnt out from my previous career, but having the ability to schedule work when I want to has allowed me to make time for myself amidst my hectic schedule. Being able to work remotely means I have the freedom to be with my son when I want to be, and work when I can’t be with him. – Elizabeth Holmes

When to comes to being a part of the Arrivedo writer’s team, hotel outreach is part of the position. In this sense, writers are required to contact hotels in their local vicinities or around the world inquiring to create their personalized Neighborhood Guide in exchange for cash, free accommodation, tours, meals and more. Bringing eight hotels onto Arrivedo’s platform within the span one month, Holmes has been very successful in this regard.

Elizabeth’s Tips for Success

When asked what tips she could share to help other writers be more successful in terms of contacting potential clients, she insists that being authentic is key and that it’s important to add your own personal flare to each pitch. In addition to showcasing her personality in a professional manner, she also states that utilizing social media channels will help to boost exposure with potential clients.

“You want to create a discussion or conversation with the decision makers at the targeted hotel or business and by creating room for a conversation, you’re going to be able to get them hooked,” says Holmes. “Social media is a great way to connect with decision makers. Typically those running the social media accounts are either the business owners themselves or the marketing directors.”

Collaborating with Local Businesses

In addition to receiving free accommodation from the hotels she onboards to Arrivedo’s platform, Holmes has been quite successful in her ventures of collaborating with local businesses along the way.

“I found that finding stock photography was miserable for a lot of these hidden gems in Vermont. I needed to take my own photography, and wound up doing so in exchange for meals,” said Holmes.

Prior to going to the recommended restaurants the hotel has shared during the interview to include in their Neighborhood Guide, Holmes reaches out to the local businesses beforehand. She has been quite prosperous, negotiating an exchange for the photos she takes to use in the Neighborhood Guides for meals to be enjoyed by her and her family.

“By approaching the chef, taking photographs of their work and work space, I’m able to find these moments of appreciation. Shining light on businesses throughout New England from the lens of appreciation versus judgment has created a client base that I love connecting with,” she said.

More Opportunities Mean More Content

In addition to creating unique travel guides for hotels around the globe, Arrivedo writers are able to generate more content for their own personal websites and continue to expand on their travel writing portfolios along the way. Elizabeth features the hotels and restaurants she photographs in a more narrative style on her blog, Unlocking New England.

“For my own blog, Unlocking New England, Arrivedo has given me the opportunity to build more content. Every time something excites me through my work on Arrivedo, there ends up being more content on Unlocking New England. It’s a reciprocal relationship that has worked beautifully for me,” says Holmes.

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