Arrivedo Travel Writer Success: Odette Herrera’s Story

Arrivedo works with freelance travel writers around the world to produce Neighborhood Guides for hotels. By showcasing hotel’s recommendations and knowledge as local hosts, travelers can easily decide where to stay and make the most out of their trips. Find out what it’s like to be a travel writer with Arrivedo by discovering one Odette’s story.

One of Arrivedo’s most successful travel writers is Odette Herrera. Odette is from Mexico City and has been working remote with Arrivedo for about one year. In this article we will discover her story and what it’s like to work as a travel writer with Arrivedo.

Odette, what do you like about working with Arrivedo?

“It’s going to sound cheesy, but I like everything! The team has been really easy to work with, as well as very helpful with all doubts and issues that I’ve encountered. I love the hotel industry, so working closely with accommodation has been amazing for me, but, of course, what I like the most is to be able to work remotely and 100% in my own schedule. This allows me to continue with other projects and freelance jobs I have and to travel whenever I can.”

Many of our potential travel writers might be nervous about outreaching to hotels, what can you say about your experience doing this?

“My overall experience outreaching to hotels has been good. Like everything in life, I’ve had ups and downs. Some destinations have been very easy to communicate with and to receive positive responses from. But others, for example Madrid in Spain, have been really difficult because of their lack of response. Even so, I’m very persistent. For example, in Madrid I managed to get four hotels in the course of one month.”

What tips would you give to another travel writer to help them be more successful outreaching to hotels?

“Be patient and persistent. First I send a round of emails to my targeted hotels. After one week, I send a second round to the same hotels (and most of the time I’ve received replies in this second round). A third, fourth and fifth round is sent if needed. Always follow up to any slightly positive response you receive.”

“A very important thing to consider is to know who to contact. Most of the hotels have a generic email contact that for small places, hostels and guesthouses work very well. However, for bigger or more exclusive hotels, it’s better to search online for the email contact of the marketing, sales or e-commerce area. More specifically, search for a manager’s contact in these areas. I use social media to help me find this info. For example, through LinkedIn and sometimes Twitter. Facebook Messenger is also very helpful, I use it when I can’t find any info anywhere else. I write directly through Facebook to the hotel, and I ask for the contact information I need. Most of the time I receive a very quick and friendly response. The last couple of tips would be to keep the email you send short (no one likes to read endless emails), and to personalize the subject.
Example: Hello Suse | Mengo Palace in Arrivedo”

For a travel writer looking to take the plunge and begin working remotely, what would you say are the benefits of remote work on your lifestyle?

“I’ve been working remotely for a couple of years now, and I totally love it. It allows me to truly design my weeks and even my months. Last year my best friend’s baby was born and she lives in Boston, United States, thanks to my remote job with Arrivedo, I had the opportunity to visit her for three weeks and continue working as I normally do, without any inconvenience.”

Why is travel writing your specialty and how did you get into this area of work?

“The first job I had after graduating from college was in a tourism media company and since that moment I feel completely in love with the travel industry. About 90% of my work in the tourism company was writing tourism guides and hosting travel radio shows, which I really enjoyed. I quit that job to become a full-time entrepreneur and freelancer, and I began contributing to print and digital media, always writing about travel and culture. After several years working exclusively in my native language (Spanish), I set the personal goal of beginning to write in English professionally — now I’ve been published in several international media outlets, landed the opportunity of being an Arrivedo travel writer and haven’t looked back.”

You are clearly enjoying your time working with Arrivedo, do you see this as a long term opportunity?

“Yes, of course! Not only writing Neighborhood Guides for my beautiful home town, Mexico City, but for other destinations I’ve got my eye on to travel to. So far I’ve written 39 guides for 8 different cities and made USD 1,600 during my best month. Arrivedo is a great deal for travel writers: you get paid for doing what you love to do while traveling and working anywhere in the world. Another great deal is to get free accommodation at hotels in exchange for creating their Neighborhood Guide. I’ve just started this strategy, and I have already began having positive responses from hotels.”

As you can see from this interview, Odette is truly enjoying her time working with Arrivedo and creating Neighborhood Guides. Creating something truly unique and beneficial for the fire of travel, Arrivedo provides a great opportunity for travel writers to work remotely and broaden their horizons while working with hotels.

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