Era of the Digital Nomads

Era of the Digital Nomads

Why travel? Why not just stay in the same routines we are all too comfortable knowing, experiencing the same sensations, regular routes, flavors and ideas.

Travel to see the bigger picture. To be immersed in different elements and unknown terrain. To explore and adapt in alternative situations, amidst other languages and societies. Travel to exercise empathy and understanding for others, and to discover layers of yourself you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

In order to grow, we need to change and transform – venturing beyond what’s in our own backyard.

Isla del Sol, Boliva – Photo by Bridey Gibson

At Arrivedo we are a team passionate about travel, technology and sharing localized advice with travelers around the globe. Do you remember the last time you had a trip planned? Perhaps you did a bit of research beforehand, scoping out what the area had to offer by reading a Lonely Planet book, cruising through TripAdvisor, or Google.

The Arrivedo team encourages a different type of exploration. We want travelers to experience recommendations from hotels as local hosts, and to bridge the gap between localized insights and curious thinkers.

The idea behind each Neighborhood Guide (NG), is to share local perspectives and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from host to guest. In addition, to help travelers and hotel guests experience neighborhoods around the world in a more authentic way.

Bogotá, Colombia – Photo by Jacqueline Langen

It’s a fascinating time we live in: having the ability to combine travel and the digital arts. In this sense, we are taking part in the creation of a worldwide story. But nowadays, we are documenting life in a new medium – the digital one.

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