Opening the Hotel Marketing Treasure Box

Marketing Treasure Box

Hola, I am Rodrigo Lopez, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Arrivedo. After working at Adobe Systems, Yahoo! Mobile, and Banjo designing mobile products, I’ve decided to follow a childhood passion for travel and hospitality.

Arrivedo is connecting the travelers in destination to their hotel’s recommendations via neighborhood guides. This brings enormous opportunities for hotel marketing efforts as many of the pillars for the future of hotel marketing are inside Arrivedo’s DNA.

75% of travelers check into all types of hotels and most are missing out on the local experiences. Google can’t provide the same in-the-know insights real locals can, but they want these experiences. There is still the hotel concierge or front desk person, smiling and ready to help with our constant dilemmas as travelers: “Where am I? or “What to do?” or “How to get there?”

Content Transparency

There are many stories about hotels not helping guests transparently. This usually means recommending services for which they get a commission or focused on recommending to stay inside the building. These are now urban legends. And this is good. According to our research and product tests, travelers are heavily interested in the hotel staff’s local knowledge because billions of questions are made at hotel front desks. This is why Arrivedo will add guests comments and feedback to increase transparency to our content.

Location and Marketing Trends

Today, hotels are looking to sell rooms with experiences as part of the package (just like Airbnb sells a room provided by a good local host). This means understanding their neighborhood and the activities and places around them. Yep, you can say it’s a huge opportunity for marketing.

Arrivedo is the platform where all hotels share their local knowledge and provide a user-centric experience for the guest who has arrived. The traveler can use a mobile device to easily connect with the hotel’s local recommendations and comments from a community of its recent guests.

In recent hotel marketing reports, mobile first, content as new SEO, and user-generated content are all shown as trends. At Arrivedo, we connect these trends, consolidating marketing efforts into one single platform to help hotels increase direct bookings.

As an example, the next time a traveler searches “restaurants near [your hotel name]”, our powerful platform will rank the hotel’s content higher, because it relates to the location of the search.

With hotel content as new SEO, Arrivedo can improve the hotel’s search discoverability.

Other strong terms you will hear in the future of hotel marketing are big data and machine learning. Arrivedo is capturing data that no one has captured before: The answers to those big guest questions about what to see, do, and experience. We add to this data the location, contextual keywords, and the hotel’s user tags.

Arrivedo has tools to help hotel staff answer questions digitally with data that helps curate better what the traveler receives. The traveler can reply instantly if he likes it or not.

Hoteliers and nearby businesses will be able to better understand the value of location and contextual data. How to better host someone is about paying attention to the context of the guests. For instance, if someone asks for a unique, nearby suggestion for their picky children, only the hotel staff knows how to contextually define the right answer. TripAdvisor or Google can’t answer a query like this.

Increase Direct Bookings

The hospitality industry is trying to increase direct bookings as OTA’s increasing fees are reducing overall hotels’ annual revenue. It is true that hotels are becoming more marketing-savvy as they have found viable ways to capture direct bookings. However, it is also true that OTA’s have stronger technology and deeper pockets to attract travelers and convert them more efficiently into rooms sold. Hotels and Arrivedo together can deviate traffic away from OTA’s and back to hotels direct booking engines.

Discovering the local know-how from the hotel via the Arrivedo’s publishing platform becomes a valuable host attribute to increase the hotel’s direct bookings.

The Hotel Brand of the Future

Building the modern hotel brand means understanding where your users learn about your property and why they want to be hosted by you. The hotel brand via Arrivedo is now at the center of its neighborhood guide, owning its location like never before, and learning how guests want to experience the destination with the hotel at the center of action.

Arrivedo is opening the treasure box for hotel marketing, expanding the opportunities beyond the hotel’s walls.

New areas for business development and revenue growth are out there. Imagine travelers discovering neighborhoods with their hotels’ advice one click away.

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