How Does the Arrivedo Ranking System Work?

When it comes to determining the ranking of an Arrivedo Neighborhood Guide (NG) there are two sets of rankings. The star ranking is generated from Expedia, and the local host ranking (numerical ranking) is based on several factors adding up to a total score out of 100.

The local host ranking is based on a 10 point rating and is visible at the top of each published NG to the right-hand side of the Expedia star ranking.

Total Number of Recommendations (20%)

The more recommendations hotels have to share with their guests, the better! By recommending a total of 40 places, that hotel’s NG will receive the full point value for this section. If the hotel recommends less than 40 places, the number will be divided in two to calculate the total percentage.

Proximity Value (20%)

How close are the recommended places to the hotel? From the total number of recommendations, if at at least 20 locations are within walking distance from the hotel (15 blocks), the NG will receive the full point value (1% per each location).

Tip: Hotel’s are encouraged to share “local gems” and showcase the unique highlights within their neighborhoods.

Personalized Routes & Main Attraction Article (10%)

These articles are composed of a narrated route starting from the hotel and include stops along the way. Arrivedo encourages hotel’s to take ownership of their neighborhood and share their favorite locations (cafes, parks, monuments, galleries, etc.) with guests in the form of guided walking, jogging, biking, or driving routes. In addition, did the hotel recommend a famous main attraction nearby? Ie.) Eiffel Tower in France, Machu Picchu in Peru, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, etc.

Tip: Check out this example of a walking route article written for Park Villa Boutique Hostel in London, England. In addition, have a look at this Main Attraction article written for a hotel for Dash Hotel Seminyak in Bali, Indonesia.

 Varied Restaurant and Nightlife Recommendations (%10)

How many types and number of restaurants have been recommended? By recommending 15 or more restaurant and nightlife recommendations of a mixed variety (budget, international, and bars, clubs, live music venues, etc.) the hotel will attain the full 10% for this section.

Diversified Recommendations (10%)

Was the hotel able to cover a wide variety of article categories? If during the interview the hotel shares recommendations ranging from restaurants, nightlife, cultural spots, main attractions, main activities, shopping, cafes, routes and more, this will help boost the overall ranking. A minimum of five categories in required to receive the full score.

Tip: Hotels are encouraged to vary their restaurant recommendations. Just because one of the staff members loves Thai food, doesn’t mean all of their guests will too.

Convenient Advice (%10)

When travelers arrive to a new destination, it’s always helpful to know where the nearby necessities are. Has the hotel recommended convenient places such a the nearest ATM, supermarket, pharmacy and transport stops? If so the hotel has recommended a minimum of five useful locations, they will receive the full percentage value.

Balance of Neighborhood and City Recommendations (%10)

Does the NG have a balance of nearby neighborhood recommendations along with other city attractions? Try to include approximately 60% of neighborhood related articles and the other 40% in relation to citywide recommendations. For this information to be more prominent, include either the neighborhood or city name into the article title.

 Customized to Guest Style and Budget (10%)

This category regards how well the recommended locations match the profile of the the hotel’s guest. Are the recommended places related to the budget and style of the traveler? Half a point is awarded to every place that is “related” to the hotel profile. Half of a percent (0.5%) is awarded for each recommendation up to a total of 20 places.

Tip: No additional points are added if more than 20 recommendations fit the hotel profile.

 “It’s not just about being the best, it’s about giving your guests the best experiences.”

– Alonso Franco, Arrivedo CEO


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