Arrivedo Wins People’s Choice Award at 2017 HITEC Toronto


The travel and technology industry took Toronto by storm this month as over 6,500 hospitality and technology professionals representing nearly 70 countries around the world gathered at the HITEC 2017 conference.
With Arrivedo winning the People’s Choice Award, this further demonstrates the public’s interest towards having localized recommendations as the centerfold of the hotel booking experience.

Arrivedo CEO, Alonso Franco, accepts the People’s Choice Award at HITEC 2017. This year’s contest was the highest attended in HITEC history, and the stage was inevitably filled with many new ideas relating to hospitality and technology. With over 350 exhibitors, the exhibition area was home to plenty of industry professionals showcasing their latest ideas.

Arrivedo’s CEO, Alonso Franco was selected as one of the 13 companies for The Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) Toronto innovation competition. Each startup had four minutes to pitch, followed by another short session of Q&A.

Throughout the four minute pitch, Arrivedo CEO, Alonso Franco, presented Arrivedo’s Neighborhood Guides value proposition to hotels, who currently want to appeal to the millennial guests in the search for local experiences.

In addition to being chosen by conference attendees via the HITEC 2017 mobile app as the People’s Startup Award winner, Arrivedo was among the runner-ups on the Judge Award selected by a panel of five industry experts

Overall, Arrivedo had a week of success beyond the award and judges complements. The company has built strong enthusiasm with multiple stakeholders approaching the Arrivedo’s booth, opening doors to hotel chains and operators.

Arrivedo also developed new relationships with intermediate technologies looking to partner up with our Neighborhood Guide content.

For more information on this year’s HITEC conference, check out this article by Hotel News Resource.


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