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About Arrivedo

Arrivedo connects hotels and guests in search for city specific experiences. During a time where Airbnb has raised the bar for locally focused hospitality, independent hotels are at a disadvantage with the robust technology Airbnb and hotel chains have for communications.

Via Arrivedo, hotels can bridge this gap for independent hotels by building a technology that fosters community and dialogue between hotels and their guests.

For travelers who search for hotel rooms with authentic local experiences, we guarantee a community with unbiased recommendations.

For hotels, good customer service doesn’t always translate into online visibility and sales. Arrivedo identifies and recognizes hotels as “super hosts” based on the experiences hotels recommend to guests within our platform. We also invite hotels to place a direct booking button in their Arrivedo profile to connect guests with their booking engines.

Before Arrivedo, organizing recommendations and services was a time-consuming and expensive process for hotels. In my experience as a hotel owner, it took me months to create a personalized map for guests and thousands of dollars annually to print and distribute them to every guest.

See Pariwana maps Lima, Cusco and Peru.

Now, with an Arrivedo profile, hotels can organize this information in just a few hours and start distributing for free to their guests immediately via welcome e-mails or with a widget on the hotel’s webpage. Customer-centric hotels also set up an Arrivedo iPad kiosk or our WebApp in reception to empower front desk staff with comprehensive, helpful customer service tools.

A platform for the hotel’s host knowledge

Arrivedo is giving hotels a self-publishing tool with which to contribute with their own recommendations to guests. Guests can access these recommendations 24/7 on a beautiful mobile interface. We think guests will enjoy a better stay if local travel recommendations made by hotel staff are transparently rated and commented on by previous guests, so that only the best recommendations bubble to the top.

By enabling this, Arrivedo provides hotels the ability to differentiate using their own voice and personality, become less impersonal, and build a reputation of helping guests maximize their visit. As TripAdvisor focuses on organizing information about a hotel, Arrivedo focuses on organizing local recommendations and information around the hotel.

Today hotel staff and guests have no avenue to communicate recommendations to travelers:

  • Facebook: Hotels publish promoted content on a timeline, becoming rapidly lost within a few days. Guests arriving to hotels should easily find relevant content from previous guests.
  • Tripadvisor: Hotels are only able to respond to guest comments or complaints. This is useful information for travelers as they search for a hotel, but isn’t the traveler also interested in learning more on the hotel’s location?
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social platforms: These are often more of a burden to hotel marketers than a true communication solution.

Hotel’s incremental content in Arrivedo can be updated as staff and travelers drop more recommendations, building a stronger hotel’s neighborhood guide for next guests checking in.

Arrivedo is an opportunity for hotels to obtain online recognition out of the unique city knowledge that they publish and which travelers find valuable. Just as independent travel bloggers do, it is time for hotels to show the travel community how good they are as hosts by publishing local advice.

Other initiatives have tried to systematize recommendations to hotel’s guests by creating an artificial intelligent set of recommendations to guests. Our response to them:

Don’t kill the hotel’s voice, please!

As opposed to other sites and platforms, we challenge hotels to organize their recommendation and own their voice, and we help them in the process. Top hotels that have already done this (in maps, excels, PDFs, PPs, etc.) can easily create their profile in our platform pairing their content with our user-friendly editorial tool with a robust map and places tagged (APIs).

Our editorial tool works with Wikivoyage data (which provides all destinations globally), Foursquare API (to easily select places with name, lat/long, prices, hours of operations, images and more), and Mapbox API (connecting hotels and places on the map, including walking and car directions).

Other hotels that haven’t done it yet can do it with the help of Arrivedo’s travel writing community.

Hotels can now be local hosts! Arrivedo is welcoming hotels to the tech party by letting them organize their neighborhood guide as we help them increase online visibility, direct booking, and ancillary revenue.

Alonso Franco
In 2008, I quit my corporate job in NYC and returned Lima, Peru in order to start a hospitality business. Today Pariwana Hostels Cusco has been considered the third best hostel in the world. After learning about Pariwana’s front desk experience, I decided to co-found Arrivedo. We are building a platform to bridge the current limitations between hotels and modern guests, by sharing local experiences.

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