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It was New Year’s Eve in Cusco, Peru when I first heard about Arrivedo. I met a long time friend, an entrepreneur in hospitality. Last I heard, his two hotels were doing really well. “I left my hotels,” he told me, to my surprise. “I am now making something for every single hotel in the world.”

“The reason I started my hotel business is because I love being a host. My dream was to be a host in my country and show the best of it to travelers from all over the world. However being a host hasn’t been that easy, especially when giving local advice to guests. I have struggled to deliver my favourite city experiences, restaurant tips, and secrets on the hotels’ neighborhood, which I’d like my guests to experience.”

From that opportunity Arrivedo was born. Arrivedo is a platform for every hotel to organize their local recommendations to guests. They are beautiful online hotel Neighborhood Guides that are digitized for the hotel to distribute to their guests. All the advice guests would normally only find by asking the hotel staff at reception, is now beautifully organized online and can be easily accessed via web or mobile.

“I want you to help me in Arrivedo” he said. What? Me? What could I, a traveler backpacking South America, do to help a Silicon Valley-based tech company in the hospitality industry?

Hotels need help to joining Arrivedo. They have tons of knowledge and things to say, but that isn’t enough for a Neighborhood Guide. They need someone who can collect useful information by asking insightful questions. Someone who can get the best out of a conversation with a hotel host, finding out the very best advice for their guests. They also need someone who can craft all this info into attractive articles with appealing language to travelers, add the photos and get all this info into our platform.

Hotels need a writer, a journalist, a local or a traveler, a millennial. Hotels need you.

He suggested I get started immediately. “As a hotelier I understand the needs of other hotels, and I am sure that they will be delighted to have an Arrivedo profile. Just go out there and offer it to any hotel you want. You can then negotiate with them to get paid for your writing services. You’re free to handle that as you want.”

I gave it a try. I went into a hotel near the Plaza and asked to see the manager. The moment I showed him the platform, he took his hands to his head: “This is just what I need!”

My friend was right. The expression on his face said it.

“I suppose this must be very expensive”, he said.

“Well, actually this is free,” I said, timidly. “The only cost associated will be my writing services to help you set up a profile. “You put a price”.

“How about you stay for free in the hotel while you take the time to interview our staff and get to know the area?”

That night, I spent four hours speaking to the manager as we shared some wine and pizza. How amazed I was! Given his 40+ years living in Cusco, he had a lot to say, things you wouldn’t find in traditional crowd-sourced city guides. This was unique. It was a local host’s best-kept secrets and recommendations from years living there. I took note of all of it- was 8 full hand written pages!

The next morning I got started. I opened the Arrivedo editor and began organizing articles that would be interesting and easy to read by travelers. During that week, I interviewed more of the staff and polished the hotel’s Neighborhood Guide. I ultimately produced this Neighborhood Guide for the Andean Wings Boutique Hotels.

I’m now flying to Barcelona, where I plan to continue doing this every now and then while I study. It is awesome! I learn from neighborhoods and cities, meet amazing city hotel hosts, get paid, and often get free accommodation too.

Arrivedo is an amazing opportunity for any writer out there. Give it a try!

Claudia Arestegui
Arrivedo Travel Writer. At Arrivedo we think we can help the travel writing community in their nomad way of life. A traveler can easily write for multiple hotels around the world, staying for free in cities like Lima, Bogotá, Barcelona or Amsterdam.

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