How Does the Arrivedo Ranking Work?

Arrivedo Ranking

Hotels ask us what factors our ranking is based on. Our suggestion is to follow these 4 points below.

Walkable Experiences

Take ownership of your area. Guests are always on the lookout for nearby places, so direct them to your favorite spots near your hotel.
Note: You are not penalised for recommending places far from your hotel.

Diversified Recommendations

Cover as much as you can! Restaurants, nightlife, cultural spots, attractions, shopping, and whatever visitors and locals love to do and see in your area.

Tip: Make sure your restaurant recommendations are varied. Just because you love Thai food doesn’t mean all of your guests do too :).

Convenient, Local Tips

Give your guests insider knowledge, from when and where to find the best happy hour to how to master public transit.
Answer frequently asked guest questions. Talk to your team and find out what questions guest bring to the reception guest every single day.

Personalized Routes

How well do you know your guests? Cater recommendations for your guest profile.
Create personalised itineraries for them to enjoy. Examples: Suggest a way to spend an afternoon, a romantic night for couples, or a 5K run starting and finishing at your hotel’s doorstep.

Finally, keep in mind that quality and suggestive imagery plus well-written, valuable content will be best to delight the thousands of your guests who will read your guide. It’s not just about you being the best–it’s about giving your guests the best experiences.

Good luck! Your guests will thank you.

The Arrivedo Team

Alonso Franco
In 2008, I quit my corporate job in NYC and returned Lima, Peru in order to start a hospitality business. Today Pariwana Hostels Cusco has been considered the third best hostel in the world. After learning about Pariwana’s front desk experience, I decided to co-found Arrivedo. We are building a platform to bridge the current limitations between hotels and modern guests, by sharing local experiences.

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